24 May 2020

Papa John's All Day Breakfast Pizza (@NLi10)

In lockdown it's important to treat yourself to a few nice things - like delivery pizza!

And Papa John's made it very easy by sending us an e-mail advertising regular & Vegan versions of the All Day Breakfast Pizza - for a limited time!

Of course the limit is mostly to do with when they run out of Heinz Beans...

And I replaced the mushrooms with tomatoes as I would with the real deal.

Looks breakfasty!

The beans are the thing that makes this the oddest - well that and the potatoes.  It's a little bit stodgy and really filling.  I had to leave 3 slices for the next day on a large where as I'd usually finish one.

The seal of quality is there, and all the individual ingredients were good quality, but I'm not sure I'd rush back to this one.  Enjoyable - but not a classic style.

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