11 May 2020

Cinnamon Hot Chocolate (Whittard) By @Cinabar

When I did an online order at Whittard this was my extra purchase, Cinnamon Hot Chocolate. I know that cinnamon is seen as a winter spice but I really don’t care, I love the stuff and this hot chocolate was irresistible to me. When it arrived I found it was in an unusual tin, smaller than the ones I normally get. To be fair though the drink is made with one less teaspoon of powder per mug than their usual tin so I think the number of servings from this tin will be the same.

It is very fancy packaging and I have to admit it confused me at first. The tin had a strange opening and I had to use the tip of a spoon to wedge it open, I'm not very refined. I was then met with a metal seal, which I tapped at with a spoon, this did break eventually but it was firm and for a minute I thought I was doing it wrong.

The hot chocolate was a little more difficult to mix up than there usual tubs, it required a little more stirring into hot milk but I did get it to a smooth finish. The drink is called Cinnamon Hot Chocolate but the smaller print shows it has a hint of cardamon too, another nice warming spice. The flavour was subtler than I thought it would be, there is plenty of rich chocolate, and the cinnamon and cardamon add a gentle warmth. I liked the drink very much, I would have preferred more cinnamon but it is my favourite spice. I’m also happy to drink it all year round.

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