3 May 2020

Cadbury Wispa Biscuits Are Just Fine (@NLi10)

Lockdown continues.  And as exciting as it is to me you probably don't want to hear about the new kind of pea milk I've been trying (far right) and how it's creamier but ultimately the same stuff? Right!

Now is a time for little indulgences - and for picking up stuff we've probably written about before.

One of the only things that Ocado had in stock with Cadbury chocolate was thee Wispa biscuits.  Being as Wispa is the soft chocolate and Cadbury biscuits snap more than crumble I was probably harsh about these in the past.

Now that we are stuck indoors the tiny amount of Wispa they use to justify the product is OK with me.  The biscuits that are better suited to the little animal shaped boxes is still decent.

Everything is going to be fine - just like these slightly too expensive, but nice enough Wispa biscuits.  Just fine.

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