17 May 2020

Mr. Fitzpatrick’s Raspberry & Lavender Cordial (@NLi10)

Well, it’s officially happened - I’ve run out of new things to review. Fortunately I often buy things and get into the habit of using them and then realise I never talked to you guys about them.

Case in point is the other flavour of the Mr Fitzpatrick cordial - raspberry and lavender.

We picked this up ages ago, but I saved it for the warmer weather. I was feeling a bit ill the other day (not the popular virus) so we cracked it open for some much needed tasty hydration. And boy is it potent stuff.

Unlike the budget brands this isn’t all sweetness, this is all fruitiness. The lavender hints at its presence but the raspberries burst into life as soon as it hits your taste buds.  Juice and flavouring and a hint of sweetener is perfect for big summer drinks.

Usually I have it a bit darker than this too, but restraint is required to stretch the bottle out.

Note - that is not our ginger cat begging to be fed!

Overall - if I had to be stuck drinking fruity (cocktails) in my own garden then Mr. Fitzpatrick’s is the cordial I want them made with.


zeddy said...

Copella Apple Juice did a spec ed. with lavender a couple of years ago and it was against all my expectations, delicious.
Lavender is generally for elderly ladies to hide unwanted odours...

Rich Anderson said...

Missed that one - and yes - it's not a flavour that I associate with cool drinks!