10 May 2020

Sweet Potato Waffles from Birdseye (@NLi10)

This is one of those things where I assumed I'd reviewed these when we first bought them.  They aren't very exciting, but they are very nice - so here goes.

Sweet potato waffles are basically potato waffles but made with sweet potatoes.  Thank you for reading - bye!

No?  Ok.  But look at the box - they are only 45% sweet potato - and they have normal potato too!  Good job that's pretty good for you too.  If you don't believe me then check this out - potato is not the enemy! The next ingredient of sunflower oil kinda is though - and then refined grains - and salt! Ok - maybe these aren't perfect.

For VE day I made a vague flag shape with the food.  Much better than going outside and seeing how many viruses you can get.

And falafel are great too - and make things like this!

Rocket makes all beige food look healthy.  Health halo FTW.

This was for my partner - I added some eggs.

Looks more of a mess, but tasted awesome.

The sweet potato waffles are just as good as the potato waffles - maybe needed a little longer (or a half-way flip) to crisp up - but we keep buying these as they are great.

And kids love orange food!

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