25 May 2020

Sizzling Spiced Chicken Kebab Crisps (Co-Op) By @Cinabar

Meaty crisps are usually my favourite, and as a subset I tend toward chicken flavours. I also like something new so I was rather pleased to spot these Sizzling Spiced Chicken Kebab Crisps in my local Co-Op. It is nice that there are still new flavours coming out in a pandemic, I assume they went into production before all of this happened but either way they are welcome by me. Also the lovely Co-Op give NHS workers (like myself and NLi10) 10% discount - which is rather lovely. The lady behind the counter thanked me for working in the NHS and I sheepishly explained I was just admin.
Anyway back to the crisps I opened the bag and was thoroughly impressed with the aroma, there was lovely warming spices and I could immediately pick up on nutmeg. We shared this crisps with sandwiches at lunch time.
I was very pleased with the flavour too, it really did taste like a chicken kebab. The seasoning is sharwarma which means they have coriander, nutmeg and a hint of chilli. The crisps aren’t hot by any means, just nicely warm. The seasoning is well balanced, there is so much going on that they are an absolute pleasure to eat, and they have the wonderful underlying meatiness too. Chicken, spices, nice quality crunchy crisps, these will be a repeat purchase that is for sure.

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