22 May 2020

Goodfella’s Cheeseburger Pizza (Asda) By @Cinabar

We always have a pizza in the freezer, it is my guilty pleasure. Obviously I always try to find something new and different to try and I can be quite high brow (I totally recommended Sainsbury’s Stone-baked pizza with Chicken and Pesto) but I also have taste buds for things which just sound down right bad for me. How could I possible resist this Goodfella’s Cheeseburger Pizza, yes a pizza designed to taste like a burger. Wonder why they didn’t call it Pizzurger or… Burgizza, no, wait, I’ll move on….
The Goodfella’s Cheeseburger Pizza is topped with tomato, beef burger bits, onions and that wonderful orange cheese fl you normally get in squares on burgers. Oh my it smelt good. The onions make this pizza for me, they taste like an onion relish and add so much flavour. The tomato weirdly tasted like tinned tomatoes and this works too, they are another of my guilty pleasures though ideally on a sausage sandwich. The meat from the burger bits is nice and beefy and with the ‘authentic’ cheese I smiled as I ate every mouthful. I might go back to highbrow next week, but there is certainly place for this pizza in my life.

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