13 May 2020

Brave Roasted Peas Paprika & Chilli (Amazon) By @SpectreUK

Although I am a food and beer blogger I am still a creature of habit in what I like to eat for lunch and dinner. We have settled into having cheese and cracker meals on Sunday evenings, with various pickles and cold meats. Besides I like a glass of port or mead wine to wash it down with. Much to my chagrin I can't eat peanuts anymore due to dietary requirements, so I generally have some sort of spicy peas with my meal. I usually have crisps with my lunch in the afternoon and try not to have crisps twice in one day.

Before the lockdown Cinabar picked me up several packets of spicy chilli peas and also wasabi peas from the Sushi bar she sometimes goes to in Birmingham. Of course that Sushi bar is closed presently and I've run out of packets of spicy peas to go with my Sunday cheese dinner. The supermarkets don't seem to supply many spicy peas, so we thought we'd try Amazon…

… by "We", I mean Cinabar. She found a box of twelve packets of these Brave Roasted Peas Paprika & Chilli. There are a bunch of other flavours, but this one seemed to suite my spicy peas requirement the most, besides when buying in bulk you really have to want what you're buying or at least have a good idea of it, otherwise you end up with a whole bunch of stuff you get pretty sick of. I've recently bought twelve of my favourite gourmet spicy cup noodles from Amazon, and also two boxes of one hundred teabags of my favourite Jasmine tea.

Anyway, on opening the first packet of these Brave Roasted Peas Paprika & Chilli and pouring it out on my plate, there was a multitude of orange paprika coated small yellow peas. From these roasted peas there was a spicy smell of paprika and chilli with a hint of garlic. On taste these crunchy little peas tasted pretty spicy. They were not spicy enough to make my nose run, as the paprika, onions and garlic from the seasoning gave these Brave Roasted Peas a certain sweetness. This mild sweetness mixed well and somewhat cooled the medium chilli heat from the cayenne pepper in the coating. These Brave Roasted Peas Paprika & Chilli are very tasty indeed and I'm glad I have quite a few bags of them. Be mindful if you want a kiss after eating them though, as the garlic is stronger than you first think!

Information on the packet;
The 35g packet contains 133 calories, 3.9g of fat, 0.9g of sugar, 0.5g of salt and 7g of protein. Ingredients included; yellow split peas (84%), rapeseed oil, paprika, sea salt, onion, garlic, tomato, cayenne pepper, black pepper, basil, and oregano, acid: citric acid.

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