29 August 2008

Milka (available at Woolworths)


Oh my, oh my, oh my… is this the world’s greatest chocolate? What a find!
Ok I’m a little biased, this is my favourite chocolate – and it’s not even new to me, I’ve loved it for years. I love this stuff so much I’m cheating on my own blog, and putting something up that isn’t a particular ‘find’… I could argue it was a ‘find’ as it is on special offer in the shop at my work, but that’s not much help to you guys… it is widely available at Woolworths though, and it is a foreign product so it sort of fits in with the theme.

Anyway, the chocolate is gorgeous, it has just the right amount of cocoa, it isn’t too sweet or creamy like dairy milk (which I like, but find can get sickly). As it is a German chocolate it also has that lovely hint of a nutty flavour too – I believe they call it Alpine Milk. If you see it, try it … mmmmmmm!

27 August 2008

Reese’s Pieces (House of Fraser 23/08/08)

Reese’s Pieces
I love peanut butter, particularly when it is combined with a chocolaty flavour. I was once completely bewildered in the supermarket when I discovered that chocolate-peanut butter spread didn’t exist. I’m not the only one that feels this way about peanut butter being a sweet rather than savoury, there is a group for people like me on facebook:

But I digress…

I have tried several products in the Reese’s range before, but oddly enough not this, which is their core product. It seems much easier to find Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups or Reese’s Sticks, and yet the phrase “Reese’s Pieces” is always in my mind when I do. Anyway, I really enjoyed this, although I feared I wouldn’t as there is a distinct lack of chocolate! However the product is still sweet and the candy sugar shell balances the flavour very well. I even rate this higher than peanut M&Ms which is saying something!

25 August 2008

3 Musketeers (House of Fraser 23/08/08)

3 Musketeers
A quick and simple review of this would be: a milky way clone.
This would not do the bar justice however. It does contain a fluffy filling in the same style as the aforementioned bar, but the filling has a lovely hint of cocoa, and the chocolate on the outside is not too sweet as the cocoa flavour is more defined.
This is a very tasty bar, and although it is a large size (same as a King Size) it isn’t at all sickly. Did make me smile though labelling itself as lower fat, and then ending up as a such a huge bar!

23 August 2008

York Peppermint Pattie (House of Fraser 23/08/08)

York Peppermint Pattie
Not a new product, but a foreign food. It makes it here though as it was purchased in the UK and it is the first of a relatively good haul of American chocs purchased here and widely available in British department stores.
The name of the York Peppermint Pattie made me smile, as it made me think of the character in Peanuts. There is even an internet rumour that the product was the sponsor of the show for a while!
Anyway, the dark chocolate is rather bitter which compliments the sweet peppermint filling perfectly. The filling is the perfect texture; smooth, but firm – softer than a Kendal mint cake – and very very nice.
After Eight lovers everywhere will love this!

17 August 2008

Nutella & Go (Woolworths 16/08/08)

Nutella & Go
Peel back the lid to find a selection of breadsticks and a good portion of Nutella. The Nutella serving doesn't go all the way down to the bottom of the container, but is still a generous portion - more then enough for the breadsticks.

The breadsticks have a nice slightly malted flavour and go well with the Nutella, my only criticism is that they are perhaps a little too crunchy. This product is about the Nutella, if you like it you'll love this snack!

Gary's Special Lamb Curry Flavour Walkers Crisps (Sainsbury's 13/08/08)

Gary's Special Lamb Curry Flavour Walkers Crisps
So Walkers are running a competition to find a new flavour of crisps and to get things started they have launched Lamb Curry flavour.

I really like these, both the lamb and coriander within the curry flavour are easily identifiable and make for a very nice snack! Not very spicy, but a nice hint of curry flavours.

So what flavour will you be sending in as a new flavour suggestion?

Twix Dark (Sainsbury's 13/08/08)

Twix Dark

Not available as a single bar, but in the multi-packs you find at the supermarket.
It's a limited edition, so once its gone - its gone!

I like the dark chocolate, it isn't too rich and is a nice alternative to a regular Twix. Thumbs up from me!