29 August 2008

Milka (available at Woolworths)


Oh my, oh my, oh my… is this the world’s greatest chocolate? What a find!
Ok I’m a little biased, this is my favourite chocolate – and it’s not even new to me, I’ve loved it for years. I love this stuff so much I’m cheating on my own blog, and putting something up that isn’t a particular ‘find’… I could argue it was a ‘find’ as it is on special offer in the shop at my work, but that’s not much help to you guys… it is widely available at Woolworths though, and it is a foreign product so it sort of fits in with the theme.

Anyway, the chocolate is gorgeous, it has just the right amount of cocoa, it isn’t too sweet or creamy like dairy milk (which I like, but find can get sickly). As it is a German chocolate it also has that lovely hint of a nutty flavour too – I believe they call it Alpine Milk. If you see it, try it … mmmmmmm!

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