17 August 2008

Gary's Special Lamb Curry Flavour Walkers Crisps (Sainsbury's 13/08/08)

So Walkers are running a competition to find a new flavour of crisps and to get things started they have launched Lamb Curry flavour.

I really like these, both the lamb and coriander within the curry flavour are easily identifiable and make for a very nice snack! Not very spicy, but a nice hint of curry flavours.

So what flavour will you be sending in as a new flavour suggestion?


  1. I think they should do a Bacon, Cheese and Brown Sauce flavour. Thats my entry at least

  2. Could work... but red sauce instead of brown! ;-)

    Here is a link to their competition if you want to give it a try: http://www.walkers.co.uk/flavours/default.html

  3. Nope, its got to be brown!!

    Well my flavour is away, only got to beat the other (currently almost) 846,000 entries there and I'll be victorious!! :-S

    And thats assuming someone else hasnt already submitted one the same as mine. If I win tho I'll send you a packet of them lol


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