26 January 2020

Gregg's Vegan Steak Bake Is a Disappointment To It's Parents (@NLi10)

I like Gregg's food. I like Gregg's vegan sausage rolls better than their meat ones.  I like Gregg's steak bakes.  Logically then I should like the new Vegan Gregg's steak bake - right?

Nice lattice work - you aren't going to mistake this for the standard carnivore one!

Wait - is that mince? In a real steak bake you have lots of lovely textured chunks of meat - that's why you choose 'steak' over 'beef' - you want chunks.

What Gregg's have created here is a vegan beef patty.  I mean that's probably fine if you've got the right flavour to the gravy, the texture to the meat, and some veggies to add to it, a touch of spice maybe?  But if you are just going to pop some tired Quorn in a brown slime and call it a day then I'm not sure I want to play anymore.

There is a reason the buzz for this died down so fast - they just aren't a patch on either the meat options or the current veggie options that sit next to them on the shelves.  I'm sure that someone like Fry's could teach Gregg's how to add texture inside the thing, and if PieMinister can make reasonable vegan fillings then I'm sure its possible. I'd rather just not have lunch than eat this again - or have lots of other Gregg's cakes.

The pastry was great and not noticeably different even though that was vegan too - the pastry is a win - the rest is a hard fail.  I'm not sure they will be selling many of these so if you do want to subject yourself to a terrible bake you better be fast.

25 January 2020

Eternal Session IPA - Northern Monk (Waitrose) By @SpectreUK

I first thought this beer was called Northern Monk, because the typeface is so big on the can. Reading the can a bit more and the brewery is called Northern Monk, whereas the beer is called Eternal. It's called Eternal Session IPA, because the can states that beer has been brewed for several thousand years, and this beer is to pay homage to that.

A session beer is generally fairly light on the alcohol by volume (ABV), so workers could have a beer during their breaks or lunchtime in the past and then get back to work and not be too 'hammered' whilst using a steam-hammer or whatever. I used to have a quick half and a packet of crisps in the pub when I was at work in the afternoons in the distant past. It was a good treat for my morale, but those days are pretty much gone as far as I can tell.

Eternal is 4.1% volume… It's slightly cloudy golden in colour with a sweet pale malt smell to start with, and then a citrus bitterness at the back of the aroma. On taste the sweet pale malt shines through initially, which is closely followed by a slightly herbal bitterness, a citrus bite and then a touch of sweetness probably from crystal malt into the aftertaste. I must say that it does pay homage and is reminiscent of many pale ales I've had in the past. This is not a bad thing at all, especially as a homage to thousands of years of brewing beer. This is a very tasty beer with a decent bite, and I would certainly have it again.

24 January 2020

Lindt Litte Chick Egg (Waitrose) By @Cinabar

Lindt Litte Chick Egg

These new Lindt Little Chick Eggs were spotted in the (so far) small section of Easter goodies in Waitrose. I know the Easter section will be growing in the next month or so in the shop, as yet they don’t even have any full size eggs, just a few novelties like these. There were two shades of foil (gold and yellow) decorating them but as far as I could tell but designs covered the same mini eggs.These Lindt Little Chick Eggs were next to a box of Cadbury Creme Eggs, their close proximity meant that the size difference became very apparently, they are small narrow eggs when compared to the Creme Egg. Annoyingly they were a similar price despite the Lindt egg being significantly smaller.

Lindt Litte Chick Egg

When home I had one of these with a cup of coffee as an evening treat. The egg has some decoration on the chocolate, but it isn’t that clear, but the word Lindt is visible. Inside the egg is a creamy milk filling that reminded me of sweet white chocolate. There was plenty of filling inside. I took one bite and couldn’t quite get over just how sweet these Lindt Little Chick Eggs were. I have a high sugar threshold but this was near my limit. In fact if it had been twice the size I don’t think I would have been able to finish it. It is super rich, super sweet and super creamy but only worked because I had a nice cup of coffee to contrast the flavour. Nice but it was actually better being smaller.

Lindt Litte Chick Egg

23 January 2020

UGO - Exciting little pasta parcels (@NLi10)

Waitrose has great unusual things - and they do great Italian food!

Here we see a lovely pair of veggie and non veggie pasta parcels.  I had the chicken and Chorizo version.  They look great and cook in three minutes.  The bread took a little longer.

So tasty even the review cat wants some!

Maybe not as strong flavours as the real thing, or even Rana brand stuff, but still very good.

Forgot to get a pic of the beetroot ones sadly!

The garlic bread hover was amazing, just the right balance of crispy and chewy.  All in all a good reason to pop to the actual store instead of shopping online where it's harder to spot things like this.

22 January 2020

Nissin Teriyaki Soba (Ocado) By @SpectreUK

Over the winter months I do like to indulge in a noodle pot now and then for lunch. This Teriyaki Soba, from Nissin, is noodles with a Yakisoba sauce. I do like Japanese cuisine. I haven't been to a Japanese restaurant for a long time. I always like ordering for some reason. It may be that the words just roll off my tongue, rather than the awkward French, Spanish, Mexican or Italian restaurants where I don't know if I'm pronouncing something right. I get the same feeling when I go to a curry house, it might just be me, but for some reason I find Asian cuisine much easier to order and not sound so 'ENGLISH'… He shivers awkwardly…

Anyway, these days I check the calories and protein on mostly everything before I eat it. This pot noodle is pretty light on the calories, which pleases me, been as though I have to keep my weight down for my knee recovery. It is also a source of protein at 5.1g per 100g, so it will help a little with muscle repair after my latest gym session.

On opening the top of the pot there was a solid block of noodles with some diced carrots, shiitake mushrooms, cabbage and green onions on top. There was also a sachet of Seasoning sauce, presumably the Yakisoba sauce. After the usual preparation of adding boiling water up to the mark inside the pot and leaving it to stand for three minutes, I then took care to drain off the water as per the instructions. I stirred in the sachet of sauce for quite a while and dug in.

There was sweetness from the caramel in the sauce and the added pieces of vegetables and mushrooms went great for an authentic flavour and feel to this Teriyaki Soba. Being a little greedy I would have preferred a little more sauce to stir in, as I prefer my noodles or indeed rice meals to be more sauce heavy than anything else. Having said that, I'd definitely have this Teriyaki Soba again, as it was a very tasty low calorie meal. It went perfectly with my fried mushrooms and buttered toast on the side.

Information on the pot;
This 90g pot contains 211 calories per 100g, with 9.3g of fat, 4.6g of sugar, and 2.3g of salt. Please see photograph for ingredients.

21 January 2020

Kit Kat Chunky More - Raspberries & Hazelnuts (Asda) By @Cinabar

This is quite an elusive Kit Kat bar, I think I heard about it coming out back in November and have never seen it in any shops since. I regularly trawl the big supermarkets and smaller shops for Foodstuff Finds, as do family and friends, but this is the first time I’ve seen the Kit Kat Chunky More - Raspberries & Hazelnuts. It was by the tills in Asda. The bar is a “healthier” Kit Kat made with 30% less sugar and containing a source of protein. The bar has 208 calories, which isn’t that much of a reduction when you consider the Kit Kat Chunky Salted Caramel Fudge bar has 226 calories.

I broke a piece of the bar off to have a look inside and have to admit the oozing raspberry jam did make me smile. The jam contained small bits of nut too, but there was the classic layers of wafer too. The chocolate did taste different in this bar, it was a deeper flavour and noticeably less sweet. The jam was more sharp than sweet, but this worked well with the stronger cocoa taste too. The nuts made it feel filling but I would have preferred larger pieces, although I’m not sure how that would work in the space available. As a Chunky bar it did feel substantial.
The Kit Kat Chunky More - Raspberries & Hazelnuts bar is a lower sugar version so it makes sense that it was less sweet, but the chocolate felt thicker too. I liked the combination of raspberry and nut and thought it worked well together. Some people may think the change of sugar ratio meant the chocolate didn’t taste as expected, but I think it is nice to have choices available. It’s just a shame it didn’t have substantially less calories than some of the Kit Kats sweeter versions.

20 January 2020

Kit Kat Easter Break Bunnies (B&M) By @Cinabar

Kit Kat Easter Break Bunnies

The Easter products are hitting the shops and I when I saw these new Kit Kat Easter Break Bunnies I had to buy a multipack to get a closer look. There are five in the packet which are individually wrapped and they look like a lovely themed treat.

Kit Kat Easter Break Bunnies

The Kit Kat Easter Break Bunnies are super cute when they are out of their wrapper. There is lovely detailing on the rabbits, they even have the Kit Kat logo on each foot. The Bunnies are mostly chocolate and when I broke mine into bite size pieces I spotted only a few bits of visible biscuit in the mix. This worried me, the whole point of a Kit Kat is the biscuit and I hoped this would still shine through.

Kit Kat Easter Break Bunnies

The chocolate in these Bunnies is very much that of the Kit Kat, sweet and creamy but mild. This gave the bar the proper taste of Kit Kat, there was more of a crunch than I had expected from the biscuit bits inside which was nice. It was also nice to realise that the biscuit bits were made from wafer which was in keeping with a normal Kit Kat.
So these Kit Kat Easter Break Bunnies are very much a fun product and are well designed. I think they make a great seasonal treat and although there is more chocolate there is enough wafer to make this feel like a true Kit Kat product. I will happily being buying more of these in the run up to Easter.

Kit Kat Easter Break Bunnies

19 January 2020

Green Cola?! At Chance n Counters (@NLi10)

Exploring new places is always good, especially if they have a few more social drinks for me to try. Birmingham’s latest Board Game Cafe is Chance & Counters in the Custard Factory which opened just before Christmas.

On the menu we spotted Green Cola - how cool is that!

In fact the green is about the lack of sugar and sweeteners and the environmental impact, not the colour.

It looks like cola!

Tastes good though, you can drink this with a clear conscious!

And eat a chicken burger too!

Drink 2 was new favourite Kombucha - by a brand I’ve not seen before too.

The taste is sweet and tangy, as expected. It’s got a strong beer-like taste too which I’m enjoying!

18 January 2020

Naranjito Orange Pale Ale (Morrisons) By @SpectreUK

I'm hoping that you haven't missed the boat with this limited release Naranjito orange pale ale, but it has been languishing at the back of my beer fridge for quite some time. It's not that I've been avoiding it, as I usually love orange peel added to pale ale, especially washing down a tuna sandwich after a stint at the gym. The problem is that often the more beers that get bought and placed at the front of the fridge push everything else to the back. Such is life, I guess, sometimes you need to stop and sort things out a bit. That's often what the New Year can bring…

This 4.5% volume Naranjito orange pale ale was produced by Brooklyn brewery in New York. The can is slightly larger than the 330ml that we are used to at 355ml, but that just means more beer for me! On opening the can there was a strong herbal hoppy smell to start with, which confused me a little as I was expecting more citrus hops than herbal. There was also orange peel at the back of the aroma. This golden pale ale bubbled excitedly away in my beer glass. On taste the herbal hops washed around my mouth full of bite, with the orange peel poking through the flavour just before the sweet pale malt, which seemed to dance a merry jig around my tastebuds and into the aftertaste. This is quite a complex beer with its initial fresh crisp bitterness followed by its sweet malts. Very tasty indeed, and such shame it's a limited release!

17 January 2020

Vegan Meatball Marinara (Subway) By @Cinabar

Vegan Meatball Marinara (Subway)

My first disclaimer is that I’m not vegan, but as it is Veganuary I thought it would be good to try out one of the options at Subway, this Vegan Meatball Marinara. I had with it toasted vegan cheese and squirt of vegan aioli and my usual salad choices, I do love olives on everything subway. The bread was the paprika and chilli to give it warmth.
The sub itself isn’t that pretty on the inside, there were four vegan meatballs hiding in this sandwich but the combination of multiple sauces and salads meant they weren't easy to spot, it was a full but messy sandwich. This translated to the eating too, the sauce was keen to escape, and they only gave me one serviette! Oh well.

Vegan Meatball Marinara (Subway)

I have had the meat version of this sandwich many times before and have to say this was very similar, the meatballs felt very much like meat in texture. In flavour there was a little less beefiness, but they still tasted amazing, and it was a very enjoyable sandwich. I like the vegan garlic aioli sauce this went very well with the tasty Marina sauce all over the meatballs, the salad giving a nice crunch. The vegan cheese was a little bit lost but there was a lot going on with the contents. This was a filling and tasty sandwich and one that you could easily mistake for being meaty. I’m not sure if I would have noticed if I hadn’t been the one ordering it. I thoroughly enjoyed it and am impressed with Subway bringing out such a good vegan alternative without upping the price (it was priced the same as the meat version).
Seriously though Subway when you sell subs full of sauce like this give us an extra serviette, I can’t be the only one who’s fingers were coated. Dangerous to eat but oh so tasty.

16 January 2020

EndoSport CBD Water - Science Fad or Legit Product? @endo_sport (by @NLi10)

I work in Birmingham, this appeared on one of the big advertising hoardings outside.  The UK's first CBD Sports Drink - and upon Googling it's from a local company - the other side of Birmingham.

So naturally I got hold of some (easiest way is direct from the company at the moment but I suspect the more forward thinking local gyms stock this too).

Here we go - ready for the January health kick!  There are two flavours, Berry & Tropical, and the Orange one.

So here are the ingredients.  No real vitamins and minerals sprayed in, but they do have the magic ingredient of 10 mg of CBD per bottle.  For those who aren't familiar with this - it's a completely legal extract from the cannabis plant that I've written about A LOT over the recent years. Or at least it felt like I had - but I've only put two up before this!

Essentially - I tried the oil and it had a decent effect, but didn't' last and was awkward to carry.  Then I got the tablets and it lasted hours and was convenient to take with me & really helped with my Rheumatoid Arthritis, and now I have those most week days.  And I also like to find it in other foods and I'm sure I've eaten more than that one chocolate bar I linked.

So - the oportunity to drink some is very tempting!  And more importantly I'm uniquely positioned to be able to detect if the problems with CBD water are apparent here.

You see CBD doesn't like sunlight or oxygen, it starts to degrade becoming less effective.  All types of CBD come in dark wrappers and brown glass, and tiny amounts so that this effect is minimised.  And here we have a clear plastic bottle!  Thankfully the makers know what they are doing so have covered the whole bottle in a wrapper - and tell you to consume once opened so this shouldn't be a problem.

I get noticable pain reduction within half an hour of my CBD tablets (faster with the oil) and would certainly be able to tell if this happened while on a nice long walk in the muddy woods.

And it did! Even though I let my partner have a few swigs of the stuff I definitely felt a reduction in both my walking related pains and those micro pains in my hands which frankly are always there.  Would this help to relax and alleviate the pains caused from normal exercise? It did for me!

The taste was interesting, like the old energy drinks I drank 20 years ago - and I put this down to the artificial sweeteners chosen.  She didn't seem to mind this as much as I did - and I was surprised to notice that she couldn't taste the CBD (the raw oil is like sprouts - some people can't stand it!).

I took the Orange one to work (visions of a future review here) and shared it out.

If I'd had my proper science brain in gear then I'd have made some placebo Orange drinks to share out too.  I had the small portion to see what happened (similar effects to before, shorter duration) and to get an idea of the taste.  A fairly unremarkable Orange with the sweetener aftertaste - I preferred this to the blue one.

My colleagues liked the taste, and seemed to appreciate the calming and centring effect that the CBD had on them - it seemed to last around 90 mins.

If you've been looking for a way to ingest CBD that doesn't require carrying around little bottles of oil or arcane looking tablets then this is probably the most 'normal' I've found so far.  I can't really speak for the exercise credentials - but I sure did manage to walk further and faster than I would have done without it.

The January weather was very cruel to the poster - it only lasted a week or so before the rain lashed it off the hoardings (it happens a lot here because it's not sheltered by buildings).  I hope that the market is kinder to this drink as it is a very effective and legitimate way of picking up a daily dose of CBD.

15 January 2020

Upbeat Blood Orange & Mandarin ((@DegustaboxUK) By @SpectreUK

Upbeat Blood Orange & Mandarin

I think I probably needed to be 'down with kids' to be able read the title of this vitamin enriched Blood Orange & Mandarin protein water. 'Upbeat' is not what I read the first time I looked at the label. On seeing the orange images, I then read 'Up Be At' and commented to Cinabar that it was a bizarre name to call an orange flavoured zero sugar protein drink! I then realised it wasn't for early mornings, but could be useful for fixing muscles. Been as though I spend a great deal of time maintaining muscles at the gym now, I instantly hoped that this could be the perfect drink for me.

It states on the label that Upbeat is 'drink positive' with 'enriched hydration for strength, energy & mental performance'. I have noticed lately that no matter how much I drink and sweat out during exercise, as well as try to manage my calories to keep my weight down, I'm more than a little zonked out in the afternoons. Unfortunately I am getting on a bit, and we have been gaming late most nights, so lack of sleep isn't helping with my high exercise, high protein, and low calorie diet. So I'm hoping this high protein, zero sugar, real fruit drink, with energising vitamins will help me out.

On opening the bottle there was a strong mandarin smell, with the protein and vitamins aroma combined. I'm a big fan of mandarin jelly, so this was a big plus. I couldn't smell much on the blood orange side though, and there wasn't much blood orange in the flavour. This is definitely a predominantly mandarin flavoured high protein water drink. The protein and vitamins not only added to the aroma, but also to the taste. That 'oh, mandarin… but what's that faintly weird flavour,' never got old throughout the 500ml bottle. I guess I'll keep looking…

Information on the bottle;
The 500ml bottle contains a stinking 226 calories (approximately 75 calories higher than your average beer), 0g of fat, 12g of protein, and 0g of salt. See photograph for ingredients.

Upbeat Blood Orange & Mandarin

14 January 2020

Mr Kipling Reduced Sugar Chocolate Slices (Sainsburys) By @Cinabar

I did feel it was about time I reviewed something that has been flagged as being “healthier” this January. Everyone seems to be cutting back at the minute and Mr Kipling has followed suit and introduced these Reduced Sugar Chocolate Slices. The first thing I noted was that these bars are individually wrapped, which is useful for lunch boxes but not great on plastic use.
To be honest these cakes looked very much like the regular edition of Mr Kipling Chocolate Slices, they have a folded sponge base and a drizzle of chocolate icing. The flavour and texture is very similar too. They are soft and easy to eat, the chocolate flavour is well balanced and sweet. I was impressed. These tasted very much like the originals only with a significant reduction in sugar. Then I made the mistake at looking at the packaging of the regular version and the bubble for these Mr Kipling Reduced Sugar Chocolate Slices burst. This box cost £1 as an introductory offer, which means they will go up in price. Reduced sugar should be cheaper, but that wasn’t what was bothering me. My £1 bought me 6 cake bars at 24g each, the normal version are £1 and have 6 bars at 32g. Effectively it feels like they charged the same and simply reduced the amount of cake, then focused on the reduction of sugar element. “Reduced amount of cake in the box for same money” probably wouldn’t have been a selling point. These are okay for portion control but it did feel a bit disappointing at the end.

13 January 2020

Large Ritter Sport - Cornflakes Edition (Lidl) By @cinabar

Large Ritter Sport - Cornflake Edition

This time of year can be a bit hard in the search for interesting Foodstuff Finds. I call it the Christmas lull, not that many new products are launching because they are waiting till after January, the month where many people go on a health kick.
This Large Ritter Sport - Cornflake Edition bar caught my eye in Lidl, Im not sure if it is new but it is new to me. I love the idea of cornflakes with chocolate it is a flavour that tales me back to being a child and making cornflake cakes. I picked up the large bar and popped it in my basket. This is the first time I’ve seen Giant Ritter Sports bars!

Large Ritter Sport - Cornflake Edition

I decided to try this chocolate over the weekend with it being a bit of comfort against the cold and heavy winds that were making the house rattle. The first thing I tried to do was to break a street strip off the bar which turned out to be near impossible. It is one solid bar. Next attempt was to simply break the bar in half and then to break it to pieces after that. I managed this but again a surprising amount of strength was needed, so much so I was leaning on a table and pressing down and when it finally broke I slipped and bent my nail back. D’oh. I did eventually get it into manageable sizes pieces after flexing my muscles.

Large Ritter Sport - Cornflake Edition

Like my attempts at breaking the bar implied, these pieces are also quite tough. The cornflakes are a bit sparse too and sadly there isn’t much flavour from them. They bar is a thick solid chocolate and that makes the other taste. There is a light crispy texture which I should have liked but my motivation for the bar was wearing thin. I finished my three cubes and was left a bit disappointed. The chocolate was okay.
It definitely need far more cornflakes and despite the novelty to be a smaller bar too. Not often I get bored of a chocolate product but I guess it helped saved some January calories.

12 January 2020

Llama Smarties & Golden Hersheys (by @NLi10)

Taking a break from the New Year healthy reviews I've decided to write up a couple of odd novelties I've picked up.

First we have Llama Edition Smarties.  What makes them Llama you ask?

Well - they are very specific colours that are like Llama colours!

I think these should have been Pinata Edition instead but Llamas are cooler.  Or Maybe Unicorn?

They taste like Smarties so it's not a total waste of time, but you know, it's just a gimmick really.

Then we get to Hershey's Gold - Peanuts & Pretzels.  Importantly this isn't chocolate.

Cocoa solids? Nope - just environmentally unsound palm oil, genetically modified sugar, and 15% of the stuff you bought it for - pretzels and peanuts.  The only way the word Chocolate made it onto the wrapper was it's in their address!

It looks a bit odd on inspection too - like solidified oil - but it does taste of the desired items.  Part of me wishes I'd spent the £1 on actual Pretzels, but as a one off novelty it's not too bad.  It's different - I'll give it that!

So not things I'll be buying again, but still quite interesting oddities.

11 January 2020

Czech Imported Lager (Co-op) @SpectreUK

On reading the label of this Czech Imported Lager, which was produced by the Pivovary Staropramen brewery, in the Czech Republic, I was amused that the 500ml bottle was stated as two servings. I was reminded of a scene in the Lord of the Rings where one Hobbit says to another, "what's that?" with the reply of, "it's a pint," to the shock response of; "they come in pints!! I'm going to have one!" Personally I have serval favourite pint glasses now, so I'm going to drink this as a full pint too! Besides I've been to the gym and have probably already worked off the rather high 210 calories this lager is offering!

The label also states that this 5% volume Czech Premium Lager was brewed in the 'home of pilsner', is straw coloured, and has a hoppy bitter finish. The label suggests drinking this lager with meaty dishes such as barbecue ribs, but I'm opting for scampi and chips… Although I may crack open a bottle of barbecue sauce to humour the label. On pouring I'd say that this Czech Imported Lager is more of a deep shining golden colour, not too bubbly, and oh, my…. it tastes good! I'm not much of a lager drinker, mainly because I can rarely find a good one that isn't mass produced belly burping fizzy lager. This Czech Imported Lager is crisp and fresh, bursting with the flavour of pilsner with a light crisp herbal hoppy bitterness into the aftertaste. Gosh, I'm going to have to get some regular bottles of this Czech Premium Lager!

10 January 2020

Kit Kat - A Taste Of Caramel Cappuccino (B&M) By @Cinabar

Kit Kat - A Taste Of Caramel Cappuccino

This is the second of the Kit Kats I found in B&M, that are part of the large ten stick bars. They are a range which all seem to have “A Taste Of” in the title and all have marbled chocolate. This particular one is Kit Kat - A Taste Of Caramel Cappuccino.
As a fan of the flavours of coffee and chocolate I was really looking forward to this new Kit Kat, I think coffee is a bit of a forgotten flavour but I love the stuff, expecially when combined with chocolate. I took the wrapper off the bar and loved the marbling of the chocolate, this is a very smart looking bar. This Kit Kat - A Taste Of Caramel Cappuccino is visually impressive. The aroma was sweet, chocolatey and there was a hint of coffee.

Kit Kat - A Taste Of Caramel Cappuccino

I broke the bar up for sharing and gave one of the sticks a try, the first flavour without a doubt is caramel, waves of sweet dizzying caramel, the chocolate and the coffee are second to this. There is coffee, but for me it was like a caramel latte (ok cappuccino) where the person who made it had put a double dose of syrup in the mug. Now I have a sweet tooth and my tolerance for all things sugary is quite high so I liked this a lot. It does say it is Caramel Cappuccino flavour but the phrase “A Taste Of” implies a something more subtle, which isn’t the case at all. This is a wonderfully sweet and in your face Kit Kat - A Taste Of Caramel Cappuccino. I fear it may be too sweet for some, but that just leaves more for me.

9 January 2020

Instant Breakfast! Jus-Rol Cinnamon Swirls (@NLi10)

Sometimes you want a lovely baked breakfast, without a trip to the bakery or a lot of prep time.

These were on special offer!

Home baked cinnamon swirls has to be a good smell to get going in the house right?

Peel tube to find line

Expose really sticky pastry

Botch the slicing into 6 by trying to push through instead of using a sawing motion...

Realise that the misshapen ones just expand and bake the same - rejoice!

Drizzle with provided icing sugar and present to partner

And they were pretty good. Sometimes the frozen pastry ones aren't that great (the waitrose ones are ace) but these seem like they'd be a little more consistant.  Probably a little more expensive - but less time to prepare overall as the cooking was really fast.

And we still have the croissants to make another day!