22 January 2020

Nissin Teriyaki Soba (Ocado) By @SpectreUK

Over the winter months I do like to indulge in a noodle pot now and then for lunch. This Teriyaki Soba, from Nissin, is noodles with a Yakisoba sauce. I do like Japanese cuisine. I haven't been to a Japanese restaurant for a long time. I always like ordering for some reason. It may be that the words just roll off my tongue, rather than the awkward French, Spanish, Mexican or Italian restaurants where I don't know if I'm pronouncing something right. I get the same feeling when I go to a curry house, it might just be me, but for some reason I find Asian cuisine much easier to order and not sound so 'ENGLISH'… He shivers awkwardly…

Anyway, these days I check the calories and protein on mostly everything before I eat it. This pot noodle is pretty light on the calories, which pleases me, been as though I have to keep my weight down for my knee recovery. It is also a source of protein at 5.1g per 100g, so it will help a little with muscle repair after my latest gym session.

On opening the top of the pot there was a solid block of noodles with some diced carrots, shiitake mushrooms, cabbage and green onions on top. There was also a sachet of Seasoning sauce, presumably the Yakisoba sauce. After the usual preparation of adding boiling water up to the mark inside the pot and leaving it to stand for three minutes, I then took care to drain off the water as per the instructions. I stirred in the sachet of sauce for quite a while and dug in.

There was sweetness from the caramel in the sauce and the added pieces of vegetables and mushrooms went great for an authentic flavour and feel to this Teriyaki Soba. Being a little greedy I would have preferred a little more sauce to stir in, as I prefer my noodles or indeed rice meals to be more sauce heavy than anything else. Having said that, I'd definitely have this Teriyaki Soba again, as it was a very tasty low calorie meal. It went perfectly with my fried mushrooms and buttered toast on the side.

Information on the pot;
This 90g pot contains 211 calories per 100g, with 9.3g of fat, 4.6g of sugar, and 2.3g of salt. Please see photograph for ingredients.

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