12 January 2020

Llama Smarties & Golden Hersheys (by @NLi10)

Taking a break from the New Year healthy reviews I've decided to write up a couple of odd novelties I've picked up.

First we have Llama Edition Smarties.  What makes them Llama you ask?

Well - they are very specific colours that are like Llama colours!

I think these should have been Pinata Edition instead but Llamas are cooler.  Or Maybe Unicorn?

They taste like Smarties so it's not a total waste of time, but you know, it's just a gimmick really.

Then we get to Hershey's Gold - Peanuts & Pretzels.  Importantly this isn't chocolate.

Cocoa solids? Nope - just environmentally unsound palm oil, genetically modified sugar, and 15% of the stuff you bought it for - pretzels and peanuts.  The only way the word Chocolate made it onto the wrapper was it's in their address!

It looks a bit odd on inspection too - like solidified oil - but it does taste of the desired items.  Part of me wishes I'd spent the £1 on actual Pretzels, but as a one off novelty it's not too bad.  It's different - I'll give it that!

So not things I'll be buying again, but still quite interesting oddities.

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