26 January 2020

Gregg's Vegan Steak Bake Is a Disappointment To It's Parents (@NLi10)

I like Gregg's food. I like Gregg's vegan sausage rolls better than their meat ones.  I like Gregg's steak bakes.  Logically then I should like the new Vegan Gregg's steak bake - right?

Nice lattice work - you aren't going to mistake this for the standard carnivore one!

Wait - is that mince? In a real steak bake you have lots of lovely textured chunks of meat - that's why you choose 'steak' over 'beef' - you want chunks.

What Gregg's have created here is a vegan beef patty.  I mean that's probably fine if you've got the right flavour to the gravy, the texture to the meat, and some veggies to add to it, a touch of spice maybe?  But if you are just going to pop some tired Quorn in a brown slime and call it a day then I'm not sure I want to play anymore.

There is a reason the buzz for this died down so fast - they just aren't a patch on either the meat options or the current veggie options that sit next to them on the shelves.  I'm sure that someone like Fry's could teach Gregg's how to add texture inside the thing, and if PieMinister can make reasonable vegan fillings then I'm sure its possible. I'd rather just not have lunch than eat this again - or have lots of other Gregg's cakes.

The pastry was great and not noticeably different even though that was vegan too - the pastry is a win - the rest is a hard fail.  I'm not sure they will be selling many of these so if you do want to subject yourself to a terrible bake you better be fast.

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