21 January 2020

Kit Kat Chunky More - Raspberries & Hazelnuts (Asda) By @Cinabar

This is quite an elusive Kit Kat bar, I think I heard about it coming out back in November and have never seen it in any shops since. I regularly trawl the big supermarkets and smaller shops for Foodstuff Finds, as do family and friends, but this is the first time I’ve seen the Kit Kat Chunky More - Raspberries & Hazelnuts. It was by the tills in Asda. The bar is a “healthier” Kit Kat made with 30% less sugar and containing a source of protein. The bar has 208 calories, which isn’t that much of a reduction when you consider the Kit Kat Chunky Salted Caramel Fudge bar has 226 calories.

I broke a piece of the bar off to have a look inside and have to admit the oozing raspberry jam did make me smile. The jam contained small bits of nut too, but there was the classic layers of wafer too. The chocolate did taste different in this bar, it was a deeper flavour and noticeably less sweet. The jam was more sharp than sweet, but this worked well with the stronger cocoa taste too. The nuts made it feel filling but I would have preferred larger pieces, although I’m not sure how that would work in the space available. As a Chunky bar it did feel substantial.
The Kit Kat Chunky More - Raspberries & Hazelnuts bar is a lower sugar version so it makes sense that it was less sweet, but the chocolate felt thicker too. I liked the combination of raspberry and nut and thought it worked well together. Some people may think the change of sugar ratio meant the chocolate didn’t taste as expected, but I think it is nice to have choices available. It’s just a shame it didn’t have substantially less calories than some of the Kit Kats sweeter versions.


Anonymous said...

It says less sugar, not less calories...

cinabar said...

It does but it was still disappointing that this didn't translate into less calories.