16 January 2020

EndoSport CBD Water - Science Fad or Legit Product? @endo_sport (by @NLi10)

I work in Birmingham, this appeared on one of the big advertising hoardings outside.  The UK's first CBD Sports Drink - and upon Googling it's from a local company - the other side of Birmingham.

So naturally I got hold of some (easiest way is direct from the company at the moment but I suspect the more forward thinking local gyms stock this too).

Here we go - ready for the January health kick!  There are two flavours, Berry & Tropical, and the Orange one.

So here are the ingredients.  No real vitamins and minerals sprayed in, but they do have the magic ingredient of 10 mg of CBD per bottle.  For those who aren't familiar with this - it's a completely legal extract from the cannabis plant that I've written about A LOT over the recent years. Or at least it felt like I had - but I've only put two up before this!

Essentially - I tried the oil and it had a decent effect, but didn't' last and was awkward to carry.  Then I got the tablets and it lasted hours and was convenient to take with me & really helped with my Rheumatoid Arthritis, and now I have those most week days.  And I also like to find it in other foods and I'm sure I've eaten more than that one chocolate bar I linked.

So - the oportunity to drink some is very tempting!  And more importantly I'm uniquely positioned to be able to detect if the problems with CBD water are apparent here.

You see CBD doesn't like sunlight or oxygen, it starts to degrade becoming less effective.  All types of CBD come in dark wrappers and brown glass, and tiny amounts so that this effect is minimised.  And here we have a clear plastic bottle!  Thankfully the makers know what they are doing so have covered the whole bottle in a wrapper - and tell you to consume once opened so this shouldn't be a problem.

I get noticable pain reduction within half an hour of my CBD tablets (faster with the oil) and would certainly be able to tell if this happened while on a nice long walk in the muddy woods.

And it did! Even though I let my partner have a few swigs of the stuff I definitely felt a reduction in both my walking related pains and those micro pains in my hands which frankly are always there.  Would this help to relax and alleviate the pains caused from normal exercise? It did for me!

The taste was interesting, like the old energy drinks I drank 20 years ago - and I put this down to the artificial sweeteners chosen.  She didn't seem to mind this as much as I did - and I was surprised to notice that she couldn't taste the CBD (the raw oil is like sprouts - some people can't stand it!).

I took the Orange one to work (visions of a future review here) and shared it out.

If I'd had my proper science brain in gear then I'd have made some placebo Orange drinks to share out too.  I had the small portion to see what happened (similar effects to before, shorter duration) and to get an idea of the taste.  A fairly unremarkable Orange with the sweetener aftertaste - I preferred this to the blue one.

My colleagues liked the taste, and seemed to appreciate the calming and centring effect that the CBD had on them - it seemed to last around 90 mins.

If you've been looking for a way to ingest CBD that doesn't require carrying around little bottles of oil or arcane looking tablets then this is probably the most 'normal' I've found so far.  I can't really speak for the exercise credentials - but I sure did manage to walk further and faster than I would have done without it.

The January weather was very cruel to the poster - it only lasted a week or so before the rain lashed it off the hoardings (it happens a lot here because it's not sheltered by buildings).  I hope that the market is kinder to this drink as it is a very effective and legitimate way of picking up a daily dose of CBD.


Anonymous said...

It's psychosomatic. 10mg is a negligible micro dose for one person, let alone sharing it.

NLi10 said...

Disagree - 10mg was plenty noticeable. Most of the high street doses seem about this level and depending on the spectrum in the product should have a noticeable effect if there has been no light or oxygen degradation.

The CBD capsules are much longer lasting and more effective as a pain blocker than this was, but I’m 100% sure on the day I had 90% of the bottle I had related effects.

To be honest I’d not really expected it to work as well as the oil or capsules, and one of the two others who halved the bottle was very sceptical about it, I’d planned out a bigger study with the stuff but we could only get hold of two bottles in time for the review.

Anonymous said...

The whole article reads like advertorial. Look on any of the CBD groups out there, they'll all state the same thing, 10mg isn't enough for one person - let alone shared - to feel any benefits. Purely psychosomatic.

NLi10 said...

What can I say! Without links I can’t prove you wrong, and without you trying the product you really can’t prove me wrong. CBD isn’t regulated as much as it could be and isn’t molecularly identical like medicines have to be so I can only suggest that yr concentrations haven’t been what was advertised. If yr in the UK then Holland & Barrett probably have the best regulated stock.

CBD isn’t one chemical, and without the lab profiles then suggesting that a dosage is too low suggests you’ve not yet tried the stuff, or that you’ve been convinced to buy one of the high end brands and can’t believe that a £2 bottle of pop can actually get a noticeable effect.

What brands do you suggest we get hold of to test? Obviously nothing with THC in it!

Anonymous said...

Love THC, Charlotte's Web or CBD Brothers are very good, there are lots available in the UK. Holland and Barret charge a fortune for low dosages. Join some of the CBD groups on Facebook, you'll soon realise what I am saying is right, sadly. The drink is merely jumping on a bandwagon, and delivering a subpar product, but taking advantage of those who don't know any different.