9 January 2020

Instant Breakfast! Jus-Rol Cinnamon Swirls (@NLi10)

Sometimes you want a lovely baked breakfast, without a trip to the bakery or a lot of prep time.

These were on special offer!

Home baked cinnamon swirls has to be a good smell to get going in the house right?

Peel tube to find line

Expose really sticky pastry

Botch the slicing into 6 by trying to push through instead of using a sawing motion...

Realise that the misshapen ones just expand and bake the same - rejoice!

Drizzle with provided icing sugar and present to partner

And they were pretty good. Sometimes the frozen pastry ones aren't that great (the waitrose ones are ace) but these seem like they'd be a little more consistant.  Probably a little more expensive - but less time to prepare overall as the cooking was really fast.

And we still have the croissants to make another day!


paulham said...

I don't really like the flaky pastry on these so much.
IF you've ever had a Cinnabon roll then the recipe below will revive the memory:
These are the REAL deal.
Try them if you have the time.

NLi10 said...

I’m a massive sucker for flaky pastry but I know what you mean about the difference, these are probably closer to a cinnamon danish. I’m a bit rubbish at baking these days but once we get through healthy January the new products do dry up so maybe I will do a baking one!