25 January 2020

Eternal Session IPA - Northern Monk (Waitrose) By @SpectreUK

I first thought this beer was called Northern Monk, because the typeface is so big on the can. Reading the can a bit more and the brewery is called Northern Monk, whereas the beer is called Eternal. It's called Eternal Session IPA, because the can states that beer has been brewed for several thousand years, and this beer is to pay homage to that.

A session beer is generally fairly light on the alcohol by volume (ABV), so workers could have a beer during their breaks or lunchtime in the past and then get back to work and not be too 'hammered' whilst using a steam-hammer or whatever. I used to have a quick half and a packet of crisps in the pub when I was at work in the afternoons in the distant past. It was a good treat for my morale, but those days are pretty much gone as far as I can tell.

Eternal is 4.1% volume… It's slightly cloudy golden in colour with a sweet pale malt smell to start with, and then a citrus bitterness at the back of the aroma. On taste the sweet pale malt shines through initially, which is closely followed by a slightly herbal bitterness, a citrus bite and then a touch of sweetness probably from crystal malt into the aftertaste. I must say that it does pay homage and is reminiscent of many pale ales I've had in the past. This is not a bad thing at all, especially as a homage to thousands of years of brewing beer. This is a very tasty beer with a decent bite, and I would certainly have it again.

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