30 January 2020

USA TWIX - Creamy Peanut Butter (@NLi10)

I don’t like overpaying for import snacks, and luckily the MR Simms stores don’t like overcharging either. These Twixes were in the bargain box at half price as their best before was a whole week ago!

I think UK twixes are almost a pound now so this is worth a try

The ingredients are typically American, including Palm Oil which isn’t great to see.

And the calories are in nice big text but hidden under the huge flap - loophole!

The bar has snapped on the way to work and the chocolate is so thin you can see through it.

The biscuit is a little odd looking, as the packaging says - it’s a cookie... And the biscuit does indeed taste totally wrong for UK Twix eaters. The crunch is far too hard, no lovely crumble at all. The peanut butter is fine, it’s American style as you’d expect so doesn’t actually taste of peanuts, like banana sweets don’t taste of bananas.

And it’s fine, but it’s not even close to a real Twix. I hope someone has made a killing exporting our Twix to America as they might like to taste a chocolate covered biscuit bar that actually has chocolate and biscuit inside.


D said...

I've not used Mr Simms shops a lot, but I've found American Fizz and Auntie Ammie two of the most fairly priced import stores for things like this. I find a taste of the states sometimes very overpriced - I get they are imported products but sometimes there are £2-£4 more expensive, so i try to avoid unless they have something i can't find elsewhere and desperately want. But i will try to check out Mr Simms on foot as no postage then! :-)

NLi10 said...

Simms are all owned separately too, so stock and prices can vary from time to time and store to store.