1 January 2020

Dark Star Revelation IPA (Waitrose @Darkstarbrewco) By @SpectreUK

Dark Star Revelation IPA Beer

Happy New Year to you all, and may 2020 be a healthy, happy and successful one ;-)

Okay, so this isn't 'Resolution' beer for the New Year, as some of you may be thinking about at the moment, but rather Revelation. Looking back on the last year or so, it's been a tough year and I've learnt a few things about myself. Some not so good, and some pretty bad, but the one revelation that I can share with you is that I have strength inside that I didn't know existed. Okay, so my strength has taken quite a battering of the years. We all pick up scars during our lives, some more scars than others. Some scars we can't always fully heal from, and it's those that we can learn to work around and battle through to a new way of thinking and living.

I'm a fighter, and I didn't know that. Even with my knee operation taking so long to recover from, with its limitations once the muscle has almost fully formed, as well as having to lose so much weight to take the load off my knee. There are also the limitations with my shoulder operation many years ago already present, I'm still pretty proud of myself for what I've achieved. I have more stamina than I had twenty-five years ago and I'm far more muscular, however much of it is for show, as the limitations in my knee and shoulder won't allow me to push anything or carry anything particularly heavy. Luckily Cinabar is a strong as an ox!

I am also so grateful for the support I have had from loved ones whilst I've been so difficult to live with, and the many people from all over the world who read this blog, as well as all those people who have battled alongside me at the gym for whatever their own reasons may be. You are all strong too, you have inspired me and continue to inspire me to keep going. So thank you. I guess I should start looking for work soon… That's my resolution for the New Year!

Anyway, full of a 'multitude of hops', Revelation is a 5.7% volume beer from the Dark Star Brewery in Sussex. The label states that it is a 'copper coloured modern style bitter', and that you should relax and take your time to savour it. I think I can cope with that. I've had another good gym session today, so I can treat myself to this beer. I was faintly amused when a muscle guy at the gym told me that he'd given up booze ages ago. I said that he looked good on it. He must have presumed that I'd given up beer too, as he complimented me by saying that I looked good on it too. I didn't have the heart to tell him that I am a beer blogger and I have three or four pints of beer a week, and also a tin of tuna and snack on pork scratchings for their protein after every weights session! I just do an extreme amount of exercise to cover it!

On opening the bottle there was a heavy herbal hoppy aroma with the sweet amber malts sitting right behind it. On taste this amber shining 'copper coloured' ale has an initial flavoursome battle of bitter herbal hops. The hops pretty much exploded on my tongue, rolling around my mouth and settling to a tingle. The bitterness was then smoothed out by the sweetness of the malts, with a hint of caramel, that flowed around my palate into the aftertaste. Mmm… this is a true craft beer from down south in Sussex. Very tasty and perfect for my first beer of the New Year!

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