6 January 2020

The Ruby Cocoa Hot Chocolate (Costa) By @Cinabar

The Ruby Cocoa Hot Chocolate (Costa)

I have written about a few Ruby Cocoa products, mainly chocolate bars, and I have enjoyed them all. The flavour from the ruby cocoa beans is a little more fruity and generally there is a hint of yoghurt to the taste too. I was excited to see that Costa had released a new Ruby Cocoa Hot Chocolate on their New Year menu which meant I had something to look forward to after all the Christmas drinks have disappeared.
This drink is stunning to look at, the colour of the drink is a bright pink and it brought a smile to my face after a morning spent sale shopping. It is topped with cream and flakes of pink chocolate too. Even as I took the drinks over to the table people were saying how pretty they looked. This is hot chocolate made for Instagram, it is such a visual product. Hopefully the taste will also be impressive.
I started with the cream on top then worked my way to the drink itself. The drink does have a very distinctive flavour. It is not a rich drink, but it is creamy and soothing. The flavour has aspects of a berry taste, but the sharpness isn’t fully there, just a light acidic taste. This is ruby cocoa so the flavour is more like a white chocolate with yoghurt, but this particular hot chocolate was smoother than expected. It is easy to drink and lovely to look at.
Black Forest Gateaux hot chocolate may not be on the menu at the minute but this will happily keep me going for a while.

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