15 January 2020

Upbeat Blood Orange & Mandarin ((@DegustaboxUK) By @SpectreUK

Upbeat Blood Orange & Mandarin

I think I probably needed to be 'down with kids' to be able read the title of this vitamin enriched Blood Orange & Mandarin protein water. 'Upbeat' is not what I read the first time I looked at the label. On seeing the orange images, I then read 'Up Be At' and commented to Cinabar that it was a bizarre name to call an orange flavoured zero sugar protein drink! I then realised it wasn't for early mornings, but could be useful for fixing muscles. Been as though I spend a great deal of time maintaining muscles at the gym now, I instantly hoped that this could be the perfect drink for me.

It states on the label that Upbeat is 'drink positive' with 'enriched hydration for strength, energy & mental performance'. I have noticed lately that no matter how much I drink and sweat out during exercise, as well as try to manage my calories to keep my weight down, I'm more than a little zonked out in the afternoons. Unfortunately I am getting on a bit, and we have been gaming late most nights, so lack of sleep isn't helping with my high exercise, high protein, and low calorie diet. So I'm hoping this high protein, zero sugar, real fruit drink, with energising vitamins will help me out.

On opening the bottle there was a strong mandarin smell, with the protein and vitamins aroma combined. I'm a big fan of mandarin jelly, so this was a big plus. I couldn't smell much on the blood orange side though, and there wasn't much blood orange in the flavour. This is definitely a predominantly mandarin flavoured high protein water drink. The protein and vitamins not only added to the aroma, but also to the taste. That 'oh, mandarin… but what's that faintly weird flavour,' never got old throughout the 500ml bottle. I guess I'll keep looking…

Information on the bottle;
The 500ml bottle contains a stinking 226 calories (approximately 75 calories higher than your average beer), 0g of fat, 12g of protein, and 0g of salt. See photograph for ingredients.

Upbeat Blood Orange & Mandarin

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