7 January 2020

Galaxy Enchanted Eggs (B&M) By @Cinabar

Galaxy Enchanted Eggs

We put our Christmas tree away yesterday, this makes me sad. I’m not a fan of the colder months but Christmas makes it worth while, the decorative lights brighten up the dark nights. Now what do we have to look forward to… well Easter of course! I’m not really ready to start thinking about Easter really, but the shops have started stocking products so I picked up these Galaxy Enchanted Eggs to munch on and cheer myself up. They looked so pretty.

Galaxy Enchanted Eggs

These mini eggs are covered in an edible rose gold coating and contain crunchy caramel mixed into Galaxy chocolate. I was impressed by their sparkling coating, they did look very impressive. As a fan of texture I liked the feel of these too. The chocolate is solid but the crunchy bit of caramel break it up nicely. The flavour is Galaxy chocolate, so sweet creamy and smooth but the caramel adds a nice extra burnt toffee taste that I really liked. These were nice to munch on and worth a purchase just to see the rose gold coating.
So these are a bit of a novelty with there shimmering coating but the chocolate is tasty and they were nice to eat. It may be a little earlier for Easter chocolates, but I think it is nice to see a few new items appearing on the shelf. I’m quite hoping there might be a few things on their way for Valentines too.

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