31 January 2020

Walkers Sensations - Oriental Crackers: Peking Spare Rib (Tesco) By @Cinabar

Walkers Sensations - Oriental Crackers: Peking Spare Rib

We had a post Christmas sort out of our Foodstuff Finds crisps cupboard. It had become a little unruly, we may have over-purchased. If that is possible? This meant the exciting discovery of this sharing bag of Walkers Sensations - Oriental Crackers: Peking Spare Rib. I normally have prawn cracker style products with a Chinese takeaway, or ready meal they aren’t something I would normally buy to eat with lunch. These though had such a fab sounding flavour they seemed like they might be wasted mixed with a sauce and a bit strong for scooping rice. We treated them like crisps and had them with some sandwiches at lunch time. They are actually made wit tapioca and cassava so are different type of cracker.

Walkers Sensations - Oriental Crackers: Peking Spare Rib

Walkers Sensations Oriental Crackers do however look very much like prawn crackers but the seasoning adds a slightly darker tinge. The flavour is quite strong and nice and meaty too. I liked the mix of rich spices that did remind me of spare ribs, there was plenty of sweet five spice. The texture is very light and crispy, and was nice to eat. They are not as greasy as prawn crackers, but these are made with different ingredients. I think we were right to have them with sandwiches, but they would also be good in a sharing bowl too. They are quite strong and I don’t think they would need a dip as they hold up on their own. Tangy and tasty, with a lovely light crunch. Perfect for snacking on with a movie and a nice find from the back of our cupboard.

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