1 February 2020

Hawkes True Roots Alcoholic Ginger Beer (The Bell Pub) By @SpectreUK

Hawkes True Roots Alcoholic Ginger Beer

So we decided to go for a pub meal to celebrate Cinabar's birthday last Sunday. We recently found out just before Christmas that The Bell at Belbroughton is a lovely place to eat out at. The quality of the food is excellent, the price is not too high, the staff are very friendly and helpful, and the service is fairly quick. At a pub I usually ask what draft ale or stout they have to go with whatever meal I'm having, such as my ribeye steak at the Bell. However I was looking through the drinks menu before the waitress came over and I saw this Hawkes True Roots Alcoholic Ginger Beer. I figured it would help with my digestion. Besides, I do like a good alcoholic ginger beer…

This Hawkes True Roots Alcoholic Ginger Beer was brewed from natural ginger and mandarins. Gluten free, and 4% volume, it was described on the skull-faced bottle as 'bold and spicy'. It was served to me over ice with a slice of lime in a half pint glass, so I could keep topping it up from the 500ml bottle at my leisure. This ginger beer smelt pretty fruity of mandarin and a little citrus from the added lime, with a bite of ginger at the end of the aroma. On taste it was smooth and slightly sweet from the mandarin to start with, a touch of citrus from the lime bobbing around with the ice, and then a warming spicy ginger bite to finish into the aftertaste. I found this Hawkes True Roots Alcoholic Ginger Beer very tasty, as well as fruity and spicy. It washed down my steak meal very well indeed, and of course... it was good for my digestion!

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