6 February 2020

Huel Black - A Photostory (@NLi10)

I’ve been trying Huel Black recently because I fancied a change of pace at lunchtimes.  I paid £40 for my Huel and despite commenters suggesting otherwise got no special deals or kick-backs (I’ve never even shared my own referral code as I’m still not convinced I’ll every buy a 2nd batch).

As I’ve mentioned all the way - the shake powder has outperformed my expectations (but the breakfast cereal is pretty bad).

It’s also got a lot of things in it that I probably would be better off getting from natural sources, but hey - powdered food is better than no food (or stodgy sandwiches).

Me being me though - I’ve already gotten a little experimental.

I don’t get through my green tea powder that fast - so I tried putting a portion in with the vanilla.  Unfortunately it didn’t really blend up that well (should have used the stirrer to mix this in first THEN added the Huel to shake) but it did add a nice base flavour and a sharp edge.  The size of this really needed two scoops of tea - and so I found out my cheaper - baking grade - matcha and this worked much better.

But what about liquid tea?

I wanted to try warm Huel (it’s basically porridge after all) and I wanted it tea flavoured so I used my last kick-ass black tea bag and made a pint up

And it kinda worked - but it wasn’t as nice as just drinking the strong black tea separately next to the Huel.  Not a major disappointment but thick tea milkshakes need - well - milk!

So thats where we went next.  Honestly - this was the best version.

Skimmed milk was fine, but almond milk just elevated both - this was a proper treat.  I’ve actually consumed LESS Huel since discovering this as I keep forgetting to bring Almond milk to work.

And I’ve started on the flavours too - Apple & Vanilla is great, but again it mostly tastes of the standard Huel.

I mean it’s only a little sachet.  Also I think Huel Black isn’t quite as designed for extra flavours.  The Chocolate Black Huel is great - and I added my peanut butter flavour sachet to that to create a Snickers smoothie.  Again this wasn’t quite as strong as hoped but was still enjoyable.

12 drinks down and I’m still OK with it - but I’ve eaten more sandwiches than I expected to have gone for - and I’ve not really risked taking it with me to meetings like the others using this do.  

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