13 February 2020

Loma Linda - Thai Green Curry for lunch in 2 mins (@NLi10) @Holland_Barrett

Holland & Barrett are fast becoming my go-to shop for quick things to pick up for review - they should probably give their 'food & snacks' buyers a raise!

Yesterday I found some discounted lunch pouches - like the meaty bachelor chow ones that I used to keep in stock - but plant based and vegan and sustainable.

I'm thinking they can't be that bad - and it makes a change from Huel.

I kind of cut off the reasoning behind it all - if people that live in Loma Linda have good longevity then it's clearly due to eating microwavable bags of fuel imported from Thailand right?  I mean as a Public Health guy I do have to point out that people tend to move to places where they feel they will fit in so these healthy hot-spots are highly self selected and massively biased.  That said, calorie restriction is linked to longevity, and all of us eating sustainably means we still have a planet to live on so I guess it has some merit - lets heat it up!

90 sec in the Microwave - 30 seconds standing so the super-heated water vapour doesn't remove all your skin.  
Looks like classic lazy lunch bags.

Actually serves pretty well! Didn't dry up on cooking (the secret is to tear both sides but only a tiny way), has a variety of grains and textures and actually tastes like (vegan) Thai Curry.  No fish sauce here!

The protein chunks aren't Quorn, they have a sponginess and are almost round.  I'd be intrigued to find out how they work with the Indian sauce, but with the aromatic (barely spicey) Thai they work well.  You can add chilli flakes (and nam pla sauce!) if you wanted to taste.

This is another thing I picked up as a one and done review that had me plotting a course back to H&B to look for other flavours and check that this was just their typical sales and not something they will stop stocking.  The BBE dates on them are really good (a year!) so I can drop a few in my long term cupboard like I used to with the John Wests tuna cans and always have a back up tasty meal to go to.

It does say two portions, but I could have had a little veg or similar with this for a nice meal.  A definite win.

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