23 February 2020

Kew Gardens & their pink baguettes (@NLi10)

We had a family trip to Kew gardens the other day.  Although it was a bit cold and rainy we had a great time.  We saw some plants.

We also saw this sneaky Robin who seems to live in the Orchids exhibit.

They had a pool full of axelotl too - I suspect that was more deliberate.

We saw some artificially dyed plants

And some plants that can eat animals.

And then I decided not to eat animals, but to have the artificially dyed vegan sandwich!

The pink is tofu, the underneath is meat-free balls.

Looks a bit like cheese, but it smells faintly of blackcurrant - clever!

Unfortunately the whole lot tasted of nothing at all.  I'm not sure whether the target market being the over 60s they didn't want to use strong flavours - relying on people to add enough salt to protect the whole site from slugs (I saw no insects - but then it is Feb still).

It was filling, and considering the completely captive audience that we were - reasonably priced - but I just expected something a little tastier.  They did have a load of curries and things on offer - maybe I should have gone for one of those instead.

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