20 February 2020

Belated Valentines Hearts In A Box - Krispy Kreme (@NLi10)

Valentines things are in store for a long time before the actual day, but often seem to disappear on the stroke of midnight so that the next time based fad can be shoved onto the shelves.

I don’t think that Krispy Kreme got that memo - they are still selling their Valentines Heart doughnuts and so I got to try them all.

I walked past the little cart in the Mander Centre, Wolverhampton and spotted they had the poster up - checked that Cinabar hadn’t already got these to write up - and got a box with one of each for £5.

It’s probably easier to see them without the lid

They aren’t quite as fresh as the hot-light ones I’d usually pick up from Selfridges but they certainly hit the spot.  We sliced them in two and shared them - mostly so you could see the fillings.

First up we have Nutella - which is always a welcome flavour.  The doughnut tasted like classic baked KK and the creme was a little sweeter than standard jar Nutella because of this, but it worked really well.  This was the main one I wanted to try and I wasn’t disappointed. 

The red and white KK is a classic, with the dried fruit popping over the sweet icing and the fruity centre.  Changing it to a heart shape ruins none of this and it’s always a pleasure to eat one of these.

Last up was the dark choc with mint heart.  Probably the strangest combo that they had on offer, and im not sure it fully works.  I think that mint and dark are fine together but with the usual sweetness of the KK added on top it’s all a bit muddled.  Calling it the worst of the three is hardly criticism though - I’d eat another one of these with pleasure!

Maybe this is the start of a good new trend - giving me an extra week or two where I can pick up the timed exclusives keeps people coming back for more a little bit longer. And who knows, maybe now I’ll make an eggstra special effort to see if I can have a Krispy Kreme Easter doughnut when they do show up.

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