22 February 2020

Hiver: The Honey Ale (Sainsbury's) By @SpectreUK

Hiver: The Honey Ale

When I was a youngster I didn't like the taste of honey. I can't think why I didn't like it, but then Golden Syrup was my go to sweet spread on toast. Our tastebuds change during our lives and even though I still like Golden Syrup, I do also love honey on toast now. I not only love honey on toast, but in liquor such as a rather generous shot of Southern Comfort in lemonade once a week, and of course, I love honey in beer. So this Hiver Honey Ale should be right up my street.

Named after Beekeepers this Hiver brown ale is 4.5% volume and only British ingredients are used to brew it. Raw blossom and heather honeys are fermented to add further flavour to the roasted malts. The label on the bottle states that there is a light bitterness from the hops to finish. I was salivating on reading the bottle, so I just had to open it there and then…

On opening the 330ml bottle there was quite a strong smell of heather honey mixed with the sweet malts. I have had heather honey in beer a long time ago and I remember I really liked it. My tastebuds were now salivating even more after my first sniff. The sweetness of the honey in the aroma of this deep brown ale were intoxicating.

On taste the heather and blossom honeys merge together and run straight through the flavour. From my initial swig the honey oozes over the rich roasted malts producing a lip-smacking flavour. These sweet honey and malty flavours run right through to the light bitterness from the herbal hops and into the aftertaste. This Hiver brown ale is so rich and honey sweet that I'd say that it could easily be enjoyed as a pudding beer, and certainly one to be savoured on its own for sure!

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