4 February 2020

Muller Light - Gin & Tonic Inspired Yoghurts (Ocado) By @Cinabar

There have been a lot of new flavours from Muller over the years but these Gin & Tonic ones really do seem quite different. I was amused to see that the the new pack has a banner down the side that states they are the official yoghurt of British Athletics, which is a bit of a weird choice for athletes who presumably aren’t drinking, or perhaps that is the point, they have this instead. Not sure it would have worked that well as a Dry January thing, but never mind. :-D

There are two flavours in the pack Gin & Tonic and Pink Gin and Elderflower. The first yoghurt I tried was the Gin & Tonic, which was a pale cream colour without bits. The flavour was quite delicate, citrus like with a nice taste of tonic. I found it to work remarkably well, and it was a sweet and refreshing flavour, a proper palette cleanser.

The elderflower yoghurt was also a pale cream in colour, I think I had just assumed it would be more pink. There is a vague hint of pink, but I’d still describe it overall as cream in colour. The flavour was still rather refreshing, and it had a lovely delicate taste. There are tones of floral elderflower, a nice sweetness but still that refreshing tonic aftertaste. I liked this yoghurt, again it was something a bit different.
These new Muller Light - Gin & Tonic Inspired Yoghurts are an unusual flavour combo. They manage to have delicate flavours with a thick and creamy base. I think these are summery yoghurts, with lovely fresh flavours. I don’t buy Muller that often, but these were a rather fab find. So nice to see an unusual flavour that works.

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