2 February 2020

Huel - initial order + granola (@NLi10)

In early Jan I bought a sample of the Huel drink that acts like a more science based version of Slim Fast.  You have the drink for lunch and that's your nutrition and calories sorted.  As it was decent enough (and my sandwich shop at work closed) I decided do do a months trial and got a box.

The box cost £40 with the referral code from a friend (shared here for you too) which gave me £10 off and he gets the same.  I'm sharing his again not mine as I'm still not convinced I'll use all this!

I got a free t-shirt in the brown envelope (presumably so they know what size I am and can target the advertising appropriately) and a smokey shaker with my wicked black powder.  We'll deal with that another day though - as I want to talk about the cereal first.

So far so good, plain simple branding and a lovely foil sealed bag means you get what they intend you to get.

And there are an awful lot of nutrients in here - how can this be anything other than a great healthy breakfast - right?

Decent grain size and a mix of the Huel pellets and actual grain is promising too.

It just tastes really nothingy.  There is a big feeling like you are eating the dry powder with some bites and the crunch of the cereal feels off too.  Maybe I'm just used to the Lizzi granola and some of the stores own ones that rely on seeds and pizzazz to make me reach for those over the crunchy nuts?  Who knows.

Flooding it with the (almond) milk helps, as does adding fresh fruit (I did order the fruit version of the granola too but they gave me a credit instead of sending it later).  Its still not quite as I'd thought it'd be.  I expected the box to be far too small and to absolutely demolish it within a week.  Now I suspect there will be more than enough for my Huel using friends to try some, and give it back for me to finish.

It's not a £5 a box cereal by any stretch, and compared to the (spoilers - really quite enjoyable) milkshakes this is a massive miss.  If I do end up using my store credit on a follow up order it won't be on this.  For die-hard fans of the brand only.


Anonymous said...

This is clearly product placement, with a referral scheme. You need to be transparent with your readers, especially when it comes to advertising.

cinabar said...

I just wanted to assure you we have never been paid to write a single word on this blog and no external company has ever had any influence on any of our opinions of a product. The referral scheme you mention was shared as “with the referral code from a friend” which it was.

NLi10 said...

“ It just tastes really nothingy. There is a big feeling like you are eating the dry powder with some bites and the crunch of the cereal feels off too”

I didn’t like the cereal - the drinks are great, but this isn’t. Like Cinabar said - I paid £40 for this box of stuff (including £5 for a box of the rubbish cereal) and didn’t get any discount above that which anyone can get from a friends referral (which is what I added in the review) - and I’ve never even looked up my own code let alone shared it!