8 February 2020

High Wire Beer (@MagicRockBrewCo) @SpectreUK

There isn't much information on the rather eccentric looking can of this High Wire. It was produced by the Magic Rock Brewing Company in Huddersfield, and at 5.5% volume it's their tribute to the fruity citrus big on flavour pale ales that are brewed on the West Coast of America. I have drank a few West Coast Pale Ales in the past and haven't disliked one of them. Having said that, there aren't many beers that I haven't liked, asides weirdly flavoured ones like banana beer and there was that super sour passionfruit beer that curled my toes let alone my tongue!

On opening this High Wire there was a pleasing herbal hoppy smell to start with, which was followed closely by fruitiness akin to mango and grapefruit. The sweet malts are at the back of the aroma. On taste this golden pale ale has a smattering of malt to begin with. Its flavours turned around the aroma for me touching my tastebuds with sweet pale and possibly crystal malts initially and then the fruitiness kicked in. There was a fruity mango flavour from the hops which turned into the lip-smacking citrus bitterness of grapefruit. Magic Brew's website states that there is lychee flavours in there too, but that's a bit pretentious for a simple beer blogger such as myself. So I'll just say the flavour was packed full of fruitiness and leave it at that! The malts joined back into this fruity concoction of flavours into the aftertaste. All in all, High Wire is a complex brew and a very tasty beer and I'd certainly have it again sometime.

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