9 February 2020

Jus-Rol Croissants - freshly baked in minutes! (@NLi10)

Thanks to a special deal we got to try some of the Jus-Rol basically pre made but fresh bake products.  Last time we had fun making cinamon rolls - now we have croissants!

Usually we get the frozen ones from Waitrose, and these aren't that much cheaper AND you have to eat six at the same time - but how do they look?

The tube is as odd as before

But this time it opened with no effort - guess the glue was just a little out of place on the last one.

And it even comes pre dotted so you don't end up with the wrong size (or maybe so you don't make lots of tiny ones?

A quick whizz with the pizza cutter later and we have some rolls.

They look like prawns or dog chews - maybe I should have looked online to see how tight they want to be wrapped!

They baked OK though and seem less like the flakey pastry of the frozen ones and more like an 'English' croissant (if that makes sense) having a more shortcrust style in places.

Add a bit of black-currant jam and all is forgiven.  Not quite Paris, but a lovely way to get the family involved in making breakfast and a lot easier than doing all the pastry bits yourself.  I think the frozen ones are a better eating experience, but these are more satisfying to do.

I think we'd have these again, but we still have to buy and try the Pan Au Chocolat at some point too.


Alicefive said...

We have these in the States. We call them crescent rolls and they aren’t meant to be a sub for a croissants. More like just a flaky hot dinner roll. You can push the holes together, put in sweet or savory filling, roll up and slice, then bake. Very popular in the States.

Doug & Helen said...

I was going to say the same thing. Croissants should have multiple flaky layers. But these crescent rolls are great with cinnamon sugar.

NLi10 said...

Huh - guess they are a little bit of a hybrid then! If our oven had been a little hotter I think they’d have puffed up more, but maybe they are American style French pastries. Good to know - thanks both.