10 February 2020

Hot Chocolate Bombes (The Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Co @ChocPizzaCo) By @Cinabar

These Hot Chocolate Bombes were another of the birthday presents I received a couple of weeks ago. We had a very stormy evening last night and so decided to try out these rather amazing looking hot chocolates to warm ourselves up. They are made by the The Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Co who’s main product you can guess from the name, but they do diversify into luxury hot chocolates too.

The first thing I thought was that these Hot Chocolate Bombes were not going to fit into my my mug, as the instructions suggested, but I was pleased to discover they were fine in my ‘standard’ sized mug. The next stage is to then pour on hot milk and then watch the Hot Chocolate Bombe melt into this. I wasn’t sure how much milk to heat either, I couldn’t judge how much of the mug would now be filled with chocolate and what proportion of milk I’d need. I made three quarters of the mugs worth of milk which seemed about right.
The Hot Chocolate Bombe was stunning when the milk hit, the centre of the chocolate ball was filled with marshmallows and as the milk melted these came to the surface, this is absolutely stunning to watch. I took pictures of the process.

I then wasn’t sure whether I was supposed to stir too much at this point so I did so gently, just to ensure the chocolate was all meted in.

The drink itself was such an indulgence. There is a lot of chocolate mixed into his drink and it means it tastes fantastic. It is a thick creamy sweet and rich drink, one of the nicest hot chocolates I’ve ever had. I loved the theatre that came with it too, adding the milk watching the marshmallows appear. This isn’t an every day sort of drink, but if you are looking for a treat for a hot chocolate lover this really is something rather special.

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