11 February 2020

Fibre One – Birthday Cake Squares (Ocado) By @Cinabar

I don’t buy a lot of Fibre One products really, I know they are sold as being a healthier treat (and with fibre too) but I still usually end up just picking up cereal bars to snack on while at work. I have tried their chocolate brownies but have to admit that although nice, didn’t really do much for me. I guess I am just used to cereal bars, habit really. As a fan of new products though I picked up these Fibre One – Birthday Cake Square because they looked a bit different and the flavour sounded rather nice.

Inside the box were individually wrapped cake squares that were smaller than I imagined. I think this might be what put me off previously, they are just a bit disappointing in size. I liked the birthday cake colours though, with brightly coloured sprinkles decorating the cakes on the inside. The flavour was mostly of sweet vanilla which is what birthday cake tastes off, but other birthday cake flavoured items I’ve tried have been a lot stronger on the sweetness and usually there is something more akin to buttercream. There was a little texture from the sprinkles, they added a light crunch which was nice. I think I am back where I started, these do an okay job for me as a snack but they don’t excite me. I personally get more pleasure from a cereal bar, so I probably won’t buy any more Fibre One bars until there is another limited edition flavour. I know that there are people who are big fans of the brand who will be loving these Fibre One – Birthday Cake Squares but for me although pleasant they weren’t an interesting as I’d hoped.

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