9 August 2020

Kabuto - Beef Pho Noodle Pot (@NLi10)

Today is a hot day.  And what better way to manage that heat with some lovely spicy noodles.

Today we have the Beef Pho version of the Kabuto range of Noodles in a Pot, fresh off the Ocado order.

Asian flavours, from our freinds in Bristol. And lots of Samurai themed things - which is odd because I've always associated Pho with Vietnam.
It has egg in it but is vegetarian.
One thing this certainly has over the cheap versions is this smells amazing - like 'restaurant just brought your food out' good.
And while a little of that is lost in the adding of water, there is a great aroma and taste to be had.  The egg noodles are a little soft for me, I prefer other styles - but the zingy sauce is spot on.And they even actively encourage separating and recycling all the bits after you clean them which us very responsible of them.I'm always happy to have one of these - even if i do tend to use them as a rare treat instead of a staple lunch.

8 August 2020

Rhubarb & Pink Grapefruit Premium Cider (Aldi) By @SpectreUK

Älska Rhubarb & Pink Grapefruit Premium Cider

I may have mentioned a few times in the past how much I love the flavour of rhubarb. Even earlier this week I wrote about how much I'd enjoyed a glass of rhubarb mead wine. Well I also love grapefruit juice too. I have it on some mornings for breakfast these days. I used to have it for a treat by the bucket load to wash down my vast English Breakfasts whilst staying in a hotel. Unfortunately it'll be a long time before we go on holiday somewhere, probably later on next year.
I've decided that I'll drink more grapefruit juice when I get back to regular work. I used to eat a banana for breakfast, and another with my lunch, but I'm on strict calorie counting ad infinitum due to the rehabilitation of my knee and keeping my weight down, so will most likely go with a liquid breakfast when I get back to regular day to day life in general.
This Rhubarb & Pink Grapefruit Premium Cider appeals to both my love of rhubarb and my love of grapefruit juice. The Swedish Cider Company, Älska, created this Vegan friendly, gluten free, 4% volume rhubarb and pink grapefruit flavoured pear cider. I also like pear cider, so all good here in the description, but what does it taste like?
On opening the can there was a cheerful fizz. It's been an extremely hot afternoon and after my usual weights and mat exercises this morning I could really do with something that refreshes me, as well as a few extra calories to help wash down the protein from my tuna sandwich and Scotch Egg on the side. There was a heavy smell of pink grapefruit with a little rhubarb and pear at the back of the aroma. On taste this pinkish fizzy cider has an initial strong flavour of pink grapefruit. The sourness from the pink grapefruit is soothed almost immediately by a sweetness from the rhubarb and a faint alcoholic buzz and fruitiness from the pear cider.
This Rhubarb & Pink Grapefruit Premium Cider is definitely a keeper. I'll have to get a few more cans in. Here are some of my all time favourite flavours wrapped in a 330ml can of refreshing goodness. It is perfect for a lazy afternoon in the sun with a good book, or on a hot steamy night with a good thriller on the box. Personally I enjoyed it cold, on it's own, and not on the rocks!

7 August 2020

Kit Kat Easter Egg Paint Banana (Japan via Amazon UK) By @Cinabar

Kit Kat Easter Egg Paint Banana

I think I have said in previous post that I have been looking online for interesting snacks more since the lockdown and it turns out there are quite a few things available on Amazon UK. I had a check for Japanese Kit Kats and ended up paying (on the high side) for a box of Japanese mixed Kit Kats. In case you don’t know Japan gets all the best Kit Kat flavours, they are big fans of the chocolate bar and the creativity of their varieties is rather impressive. Thankfully this box had a list in English of what the Kit Kats are so you check the wrapper against the document and find out what flavour you are trying. I’m looking forward to growing my Japanese Kit Kat flavours reviews on the blog and will dip in every so often with a new weird one. 

Kit Kat Easter Egg Paint Banana

I started with the one I felt was the cutest, and I assumed was originally released as an easter treat; Kit Kat Easter Egg Paint. The document simply described it as ‘banana’ which isn’t particularly seasonal. The bar is a small fun-size twin stick pack. Inside the pretty packaging the Kit Kat is a pale cream in colour and has a simple sweet aroma. The flavour is quite full on banana and it is ever so creamy. I wonder whether this is supposed to be a banana milk shake flavour as it has such a smooth taste. It could be just the white chocolate but the creamy sweet banana is a very soothing mini bar. I have to say I know they bars were overpriced because they are an import from Japan but the parcel has made me happy and I can’t wait to see what other treasures there are in the box.

Kit Kat Easter Egg Paint Banana

6 August 2020

Show Us Yer Knoppers! - Peanut & Hazelnut Snack Bars (@NLi10)

I know I've featured the Knoppers bar before.  Initially hilarious, then intriguingly moorish - then a staple of the snack pile.  They recently started basically making a Snickers with the same stuff(which I first got in Germany) - so naturally we are talking about that now too!
This one has peanuts though - which makes it much more like a really light Snickers.

It really isn't big enough to share - but we did anyway.  I enjoyed it - but it's a very different mix to the real thing.
I also got the version I tried in Germany again
The size is more apparent here.
And is basically a light, Nuttella Snickers.  Still enjoyable. Still a little snack not a big one.

5 August 2020

Rhubarb Mead (Lyme Bay Winery @LBWdrinksltd) By @SpectreUK

Rhubarb Mead Lyme Bay Winery

The Lyme Bay Winery was recommended on a TV programme sometime ago. I can't remember which TV programme, as I'm starting to get on a bit… but the point is that they brew Mead Wine. Mead is one of my favourite drinks. I can never seem to find it anywhere. Mead Wine is usually very tasty too. It's so rare I find it anywhere that if I see it in a castle or museum shop, I have a habit of buying a few bottles. Now we know this winery's website sells it's own Mead Wines, I'm starting to find Mead Wines such as this one wrapped up in my Birthday and Christmas presents (with thanks to Cinabar's Mom). 

This Rhubarb Mead Wine seems like a summer treat. It may especially go well with my cheese and cold meats platter on a Sunday evening. It is described on the label as "a delicious mead with fresh, fruity and sweet flavours of rhubarb". I used to grow rhubarb in the garden at the last house we lived in. I didn't grow much, but we'd get a decent sized pudding out of it once a year, and I'd have a big glass of sugary rhubarb juice also.  

On the back of the label it recommends this Rhubarb Mead Wine should go down a treat with blue cheese, as well as fruity desserts. It's lucky we have some blue cheese in for our cheese platter meal. On opening the bottle there was a luscious smell of rhubarb and sweet honey. The flavour on tasting was just as delicious too. I can attest that this Rhubarb Mead definitely goes very well with blue cheese, as well as all the other cheeses I had on the plate. All in all I'm rather looking forward to my cheese meals over the next couple weeks until I polish off this Rhubarb Mead Wine. Of course, then I'll just have to open another bottle of port… 

4 August 2020

Fry’s Strawberry Cream (Cadbury Gifts) By @Cinabar

Fry’s Strawberry Cream

I picked up this bar on the quest for a completely different chocolate bar. An old work friend texted me to tell me about a new bar from Cadbury with Dairy Milk and Blueberries in it. We both ordered this bar from Amazon and we both got an email a few days later from Amazon telling us that the ordered would be delayed. After this the orders got cancelled. I went on a search to find the bars online (I search more online than in shops these days) none of the supermarkets listed them but thankfully I found them at Cadbury Gifts. As the postage was high I explored to see what else I could order, which is the long story as to how I have this pack of Fry’s Strawberry Cream bars in front of me, and a table full of other goodies.
I was very excited when the Fry’s Orange Cream finally made it back on to shelves in the UK but the Strawberry Limited Edition sounded perfect for the summer. The bar is a dark chocolate and the filling a white fondant. The centre is soft and has quite a full on strawberry flavour. It is sweet, rich and overly fruity, but in a good way. Effectively the bar is a giant strawberry cream chocolate, the darkness from the chocolate adds just the right amount of contrast. I am pleased I picked up a multipack as these are the perfect seasonal treat. I can’t wait to tuck into the other goodies too, the Blueberries review will follow shortly.

Fry’s Strawberry Cream

3 August 2020

Belinda Clark Gourmet Marshmallows Toast-It Kit (Competition) #Gifted By @Cinabar

Belinda Clark Gourmet Marshmallows Toast-It Kit

We were very kindly gifted this fantastic Gourmet Marshmallows Toast-It Kit from Belinda Clark. I love marshmallows and have tried some from Belinda Clark before, this kit is something rather different though. I love the idea of a toasted marshmallow but rarely get the chance to try them. We don’t have bonfires and barbecues tend to have died down quiet a lot by the time you get to dessert and don’t quite do the job. Belinda Clark sent over this kit to help make toasted marshmallows possible at home, what better way to end an evening meal than toasted marshmallows and coffee.
I opened up the kit and inside were two bags of marshmallows, wooden skewers and a mini camp fire, ok not quite a camp fire but a burner none the less.

Belinda Clark Gourmet Marshmallows Toast-It Kit

I opened up the tin of the burner and looked for a wick, I’m a simple girl, before realising you set light to the gel. The flame was an impressive blue which did not show up on the camera. Word of warning this seems like an adult treat to me, but if there are kids about they will need supervision the mallows get hot and there are flames about. I popped one of the marshmallows on the wooden skewer and dipped it in the flame, turning, and watching it cook. This made me smile.
The marshmallows tasted fab! The outer coating was crispy and the burnt sugar was wonderfully caramelised. The inside was sweet and gooey too. We had such fun toasting mallows, this is the perfect after dinner treat.

Belinda Clark Gourmet Marshmallows Toast-It Kit

This is such a fun kit and Belinda Clark has very kindly given us an extra kit to give away so you can have a chance to win a kit for yourself. Please enter below using the Rafflecopter - Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

2 August 2020

Indie Bay Dark Choc Pretzels - Oven Baked Spelt Bites (@NLi10)

The Ocado man has been - which means lots of fun new things to criticise.  The first of which are these Indie Bay Dark Choc Pretzels - Oven Baked Spelt Bites.  I did't really read much about these - I just saw Dark, Pretzel and special offer and said yes.

Not only are they not pretzel shaped (this is a crime) but they are made with spelt instead!  This is one of the older grains that doesn't have some of the negative connotations that wheat has these days - but they added a little wheat too so don't go thinking these are gluten-free!

They are veggie/vegan friendly which is nice, and they don't really have that many calories in them - although all the really healthy things seem to aim for sub-100 calories per portion.

That's fine though - you are going to have to share these.

They actually look like the pack shots too which is nice.  They are big.  They are most definitely a slightly lighter pretzel and I'm really happy with them.  They have a good level of salt, the chocolate is very high quality and the crunchy bits are good too.  Good job I got two packs so I can see if they go with beer.  I finished the first one while writing this up.

While I'm not sure this is an instant re-buy there are certain to be other flavours and styles in the range and I could totally justify getting a couple of packs of white/milk to review.  Hopefully these will show up on the counters of a couple of my in-town shops so i can pick them up for wandering about snacks.

Just the right kind of luxury snack for me, and something I can see being very popular.

1 August 2020

Wolpertinger Weiss Beer (Waitrose) By @SpectreUK

Wolpertinger Weiss Beer

There is a bizarre looking creature on the front of this yellow can. It's Fierce Beer's idea of what the mythical beast that resides in the alpine forests in Bavaria may look like. I guess it's a Bavarian Bigfoot. Wolpertinger Weiss is a 5% volume traditional Bavarian Hefeweizen. It was brewed with British Malts and also 50% wheat malt and yeast strain originating in Munich, which worryingly creates a banana and clove esters flavour. I'm not keen on banana in beer, or banana in anything else come to think of it. I just think the flavour of banana can overpower whatever it is used to flavour, and don't get me started on cooked banana… blaargh! However I do eat bananas, in fact one a day with my lunch if we have any in the house. I used to have one for breakfast, but I work out so much every morning that I ended up piling my breakfast in with my lunch!

It's been a super hot day today, so I'm looking for something to cool me down a little for gaming online later this evening. I'm also hoping whatever banana flavour this can of beer may contain, won't dampen my spirits. On opening the can I had to be quick and shove the opening into my mouth before the over excitable beer ended up all over the floor. This hazy deep golden beer poured with almost no head, which I find a little disturbing as an ex-barman. Been as though I'd already tasted it, I forget to give it a good sniff on pouring. Once I'd reminded myself, I found this beer has a wheaty yeasty aroma. On taste there is a jumble of flavours from the wheat, the sweet malts, the herbal almost floral bitter hops, and yes, there is a flavour reminiscent of bananas in with the bitterness from the hops. It's real hard bite of a banana bitter hoppy flavour too and right in the centre of each mouthful. However this jumble of flavours worked really well together to create a flavoursome mishmash of refreshing lip smacking strangely juicy tasty fun. I'd have one or more of these again… no problem!

31 July 2020

Rhubarb and Cardamon Crafted Soda (Waitrose) By @Cinabar

Rhubarb and Cardamon Crafted Soda

Gosh it has been hot today, and in typical British style I’m going to say too hot. The preoccupation with the weather here in the UK in unavoidable, the weather is mostly too hot, too cold or too wet. It is rare for anyone to say how nice the weather is! I’ve been trying to enjoy the sunshine and of course staying hydrated. We decided to try out this posh bottle of Rhubarb and Cardamon Crafted Soda as it sounded like the perfect treat in the sunshine.
The drink is a pale peachy pink colour with a light fruity aroma. There is a mild fizz as it pours, this is a sparkling drink not over fizzy. The flavour though is lovely, the rhubarb is a nice mix of sweet and tart, and the spice of cardamon gives it a lovely grown up edge. I wish there were more soft drinks aimed at the adult market, but I will definitely look forward to trying more from this range. The bottles are a little pricey, but it was a treat to have something a bit different.

30 July 2020

Polish Pre-filled Pancakes! Nalesniki Z Truskawkami (@NLi10)

While picking up the Polish Pirogi from last week I also grabbed something for desert!

These are Nalesniki Z Truskawkami - which appear to be pancakes with strawberry jam in them - at least that's what the Western Europeans would do.

But essentially here it's just strawberry paste - maybe - I don't know...

Lets fry them!

They look a bit broken here...

The vegan (frozen Nutella) distracts from the crepe disaster that we see before us.  The filling is dark and gooey, much more like a puree than a jam.  And it's nice - but you couldn't get away with selling these to people on your Christmas market stall as it is!  The flavour of the coconut oil I fried them in really added to it but I think made them stick too much.

But you get 4 in the pack so I got creative!  Good old George Formby Grill (Turned Out Nice Again!) to the rescue - get it to temp - plop them on - roll them about every few minutes - pristine pudding!

OK - maybe a little overdone on the sides - but that's part of the crispy pancake appeal.  The tastes were very similar (minus the coconut) but the texture was much more professional.  Lets put in an application for the Christmas market and charge £5 for 2!

All round success once the cooking had been sorted, and another authentic taste to add to the pudding menu.

29 July 2020

Mr Stanley's Superior Chocolate Cigars (Amazon) By @SpectreUK

Mr Stanley's Superior Chocolate Cigars

I gave up smoking over twenty years ago. I used to smoke cigarettes mainly and also the odd cigar now and then. The now and then was mainly around my Birthday or Christmas time. My favourite type of cigar was a big fat Cuban cigar which would take me an hour or two to smoke, and usually with quite a few beverages accompanying it. Nowadays I'm more of a one drink a few times a week type of guy, mainly because of the calories and having to count them in order to keep my weight down to save my poor old knees. I don't miss fags at all, asides the odd bizarre craving when I'm really stressed about something. The only time I miss cigars are on my Birthday and on Christmas Day. Well, Cinabar, being the wonderful partner she is always looks for chocolate cigars to help me reminisce during celebratory periods.

Mr Stanley's Hand Made Best of British Superior Finest Quality Chocolate Cigars are "Carefully Crafted in England", so much for the Cuban experience, but hey anything with a name like "Mr Stanley's Hand Made Best of British Superior Finest Quality Chocolate Cigars" should be pretty good… right? On pealing back the slide card box there were four individually foil wrapped cigars with Mr. Stanley's brand wrapped around them. The presentation of the classic looking chocolate cigars was very impressive. On looking at the traditional 'olde world' type box design and the presentation of the cigars inside, I really felt like I was being spoiled… and why not, it is my Birthday after all.

So what about the taste? On unwrapping the first slimline milk chocolate cigar there was a slight swirling pattern on the outside of the cigar shaped milk chocolate stick. I usually suck on a chocolate cigar for a little while letting it melt in my mouth. Unfortunately this chocolate cigar caught me at a bad time. I'd worked out quite a bit first thing in the morning and had already burnt through the calories from most of my lunch when I came to write about this milk chocolate cigar. So this particular milk chocolate cigar didn't last long enough to take a photograph of it unwrapped. In fact I chomped straight through it in double time. The milk chocolate was certainly good enough to melt in my mouth though, and I'm sure I'll savour the next three. It was a certainly a superior treat anyway. I'll just pick a less hungry time to eat the rest of them!

Information on the box;
The 80g box contains four cigars. At 100g the calories are 539, with 31.5g of fat, 54.9g of sugar, 6.4g of protein, and 0.2g of salt. Please see photograph for the ingredients.

Mr Stanley's Superior Chocolate Cigars

28 July 2020

Walkers Katsu Curry Crisps (Iceland) By @Cinabar

Walkers Katsu Curry Crisps

There would have been a time in the early days of this blog when the idea of Katsu curry crisps would have blown my mind, as it happens I’ve tried Katsu Curry crisps a couple of times before, but these are the first ones from Walkers that I’ve seen. Don’t get me wrong Walkers are quite adventurous too. The other KAtsu Curry crisps were from the Co-Op and Marks and Spencers, the choice of crisps is good in the UK.
These Walkers Katsu Curry Crisps are part of the restaurant menu where Walkers are recreating classics as crisps flavour. I like Katsu Curry but haven’t had the ‘Yo!’ version, but I have had the meal at other places (Wagamama).
These crisps had a surprisingly strong flavour, although the curry taste was creamy it was also packing a punch of spice and flavour. For me it was like a Katsu Curry Plus, strong and tasty and very moreish. I think there was tomato in there too. Perhaps the curry from ‘Yo!’ is stronger to the one I’m used to, as a crisps flavour this worked perfectly. I rate these above the previous versions I’ve tried, hot spicy meaty chicken for the win.

27 July 2020

Mrs Brown’s Kitchen - Chicken Fajita Crowns (Iceland) By @Cinabar

Mrs Brown’s Kitchen - Chicken Fajita Crown

I did my first online Iceland shop order which was quite exciting and as ever with a new shop I have a good browse to see if there is anything that I needed to try because it is a bit different and that is when I stumbled across this, Mrs Brown’s Kitchen - Chicken Fajita Crowns. I found this quite a confusing concept, firstly curry flavours with cheese, odd; in pastry, odder; it is marketed with Mrs Brown’s image, oddness overload.
Mrs Brown’s Boys is a silly, rude, sweary TV show but it does make me laugh, it shouldn’t but it turns out I’m not very high brow. The bakes are popped onto the oven and they smelt lovely. The curry flavour was rich with lots of paprika and gentle kick of heat. The chicken was moist, and there was plenty of veg. The cheese worked, it probably shouldn’t have but it did. The pasty was tasty too and the whole thing was very enjoyable, it was a weird medley of flavours and ideas but I have to admit I liked these Mrs Brown’s Kitchen Chicken Fajita Crowns a lot. If you are not a fan of the Mrs Brown’s Boys show do put it aside as these pastry bakes are surprisingly good, even after you have binned the box.

Mrs Brown’s Kitchen - Chicken Fajita Crown

26 July 2020

Francis Hartridge's Celebrated Root Beer - Sweet Sweet Medicine (@NLi10)

Root Beer isn't a particularly English thing - we have Dandelion & Burdock after all.  This however is an English Brewed traditional Root Beer with a little bit of history behind it.

The guy himself is pictured on the bottle and they've been brewing it his way since 1882 (presumably updating the recipe as food hygiene and safety regulations allow).  And while it doesn't look that exciting...

It's got a pretty potent taste!

There is of course a hint of medicine about this, as with all of these old botanical style drink, but it's not a negative experience.  There is almost an overtone here similar to one of my mouth-washes! It's a confusingly pleasant (and rather sugary) experience and more of a sipping drink than a big gulp of cola.

All in all it's something I'd probably get for myself again - and would make a nice 'unusual drink' component to a snack-food gift package.  And I think it's available in a few UK supermarkets still (i've had this bottle a while) which is great!

25 July 2020

Brewdog Quench Quake (Asda) By @SpectreUK

Brewdog Quench Quake

What's with all these sour beers Cinabar keeps buying me? I'm sure I've done something wrong! It's only the odd one here and there that I actually enjoy. Produced by Brewdog, this 4.6% volume Quench Quake is a citrus sour. The additional grapefruit and tangerine in the ingredients are supposed to create a seismic quake in your tastebuds. Boasting tart flavours of lemon, tangerine, grapefruit and sour apple, and with barley biscuit flavour, this Quench Quake does sound like something to drink in the summertime.

On opening the bottle there was certainly a very sour citrus aroma and with a touch of malted barley. This bright shining golden sour beer is also pretty fizzy. On first taste the sourness pounced on my tastebuds without the slightest warning or tremor. Gosh what a tart blast to my senses it was, but it was not unpleasant like some of the other sour beers I've tried. However I couldn't pick out the different citrus flavours in the sourness. There is certainly an initial sour citrus flavour though which is fairly closely followed by a sweetness from the malted barley. There is still that citrusy sourness throughout the flavour, which like I said, is not unpleasant but certainly quenches any thirst I had before starting!

24 July 2020

Doritos Stax - Mexican Chilli Salsa (Asda) By @Cinabar

Doritos Stax - Mexican Chilli Salsa

This tube of Doritos Stax - Mexican Chilli Salsa really did stand out on the shelf because of its shape. I say ‘tube’ it isn’t technically a tube as it is triangular but as my Maths GCSE was some years ago I can’t remember the correct geometry term for such a shape. Anyone?
Anyway the tube is bright and made of thick cardboard, and we decided we would have some with a chilli con carne. The Doritos seem thinner than the ones you would get in the bag, which made them oddly sharp. I prefer the thicker version in the bag. The flavour also seemed muted, I have eaten Doritos in the bag where the seasoning has been so thick that you have to lick your fingers, but these were quite plain. The taste was mostly of that corn like taste that Doritos have, and a hint of chilli. No heat really from them, I thought they were a bit dull.
Doritos Stax - Mexican Chilli Salsa is one of the products that the packaging is the best part but the product is far better in its original format. We don’t need Doritos in a tube (or whatever the shape is called) we need them in a thicker format with seasoning that makes your fingers go orange. If it isn’t broken don’t fix it.

Doritos Stax - Mexican Chilli Salsa

23 July 2020

Polish Pierogi Dumplings with Spinach (@NLi10)

Way Way back in the early days of lockdown (April) I found these dumplings full of red jam and reviewed them.  Now (hopefully) near the end of lock-down I discovered that one of the other flavours is more suitable for dinner - and is both veggie and no cheese/mushrooms.

Pierogi are essentially filled dumplings, and take the position of Gnocchi or Gyoza in the Polish food section.

These are dumplings with spinach - and you can either fry them for crispness, or just parboil them - and this time I read the instructions first and didn't keep boiling after so they were a much more solid texture and less weird.

Two persons sweaty dumplings look like this

Here they are having a nice hot (but short) bath.

My partner had hers with a mixed salad as she is healthy.

I had a bit of fruit and olives.

You can see the spinach mix here too - like a filled pasta this is where the 'luxury' versions could hide all kinds of magic.  For these cheap, import ones the spinach was nice - all mushed up but still having a texture and flavour you could recognise.

I'm not sure these are 'normal' enough for an English palette but I do like these and wonder if I should be doing more gravy based things with them.  I'll have to find a Polish restaurant and find out!

22 July 2020

Berliner Kindl Weisse Das Original (Germany) By @SpectreUK

Berliner Kindl Weisse Das Original

The name of this beer reminds me of the famous JFK speech where he said "Ich bin ein Berliner", and the running myth that this loosely translated means "I am a jelly doughnut". I saw the speech on YouTube earlier and the massive crowd of people knew what he really meant and cheered like crazy anyway.

This 3% volume Berliner Kindl Weisse Das Original was brought back from Germany by Cinabar's Dad whilst on holiday there. Wikipedia tells me that sour wheat beer of this type has been produced since the 16th Century originating in Hamburg. It was produced all over Germany in the 19th Century, but only in a couple of breweries in Berlin these days, and a few in the US and Canada.

Berliner Kindl Weisse Das Original is another sour beer selected late in its shelf life from my beer fridge. It's created at low temperature for its cloudiness, and has a secondary fermentation in the bottle to add to its sourness. So this beer should be full of flavour. I'm slightly worried that it is the wrong type of flavour for me though, as I'm not usually keen on sour beers!

On opening the bottle there was a sour and yet slightly fruity aroma. I took it that the fruitiness was from the malted barley and hops. I wasn't expecting that fruitiness and it settled my nerves a little. This Berliner Kindl Weisse Das Original actually smelt quite inviting…

From the description on pouring I was expecting a really cloudy beer, but this golden coloured wheat beer isn't all that cloudy. With a decent frothy head and that fruitiness fighting through the sour aroma, I just couldn't help but take a tentative sip. Yes, this is a sour beer… I can tell why Napoleon's troops called it "The Champagne of the North" in 1809. The initial sourness slowly gives way to a sweetness from the barley and a light bitter fruitiness from the added hops. This is a beautiful really tasty flavoursome beer, and I could drink it by the bucket load. I can taste the hundred's of years of brewing genius in every mouthful. It's a pure joy. I hope that I can get another bottle or two or more in the future.

21 July 2020

Godiva Blood Orange Dark Chocolate (Waitrose) By @Cinabar

Govida Blood Orange Dark Chocolate

I do really like Godiva chocolate but it is a brand I associate mostly with being a gift and I quite often forget they do quite a bit for the impulse buy too. I found this Godiva Blood Orange Dark Chocolate bar in Waitrose and just fancied something a bit different, for myself. The tasting notes on the bar describe one of the stages as ‘a crunch of orange’, which sounded curious! ORanges do not normally crunch and if they do you should eat something else! :-D
I unwrapped the bar and it is quite dark in colour, the aroma is rick and fruity. I tried a pieces and was very impressed with the flavour. The dark chocolate is quite full on, rich and and quite intense. The orange does balance it out perfectly it is sweet, and so very zesty that it brought balance to the bar. It was a magic combination. The flavour was packed into blood orange crystals which is where the curious crunch come from, either way I was sold.

Govida Blood Orange Dark Chocolate