24 December 2020

Colgate Smile For Good - Vegan Ecological Toothpaste (@NLi10)

 Well - it's the time of year for overindulgence - so I figured I'd share something a little different that I picked up a few months ago on an online shop.

While I think that some of this is very deliberate psychological branding (like putting gluten free on things that never normally contain gluten anyway) it's good to see the ideas behind it and the commitment to sustainability from Colgate.  But at £5 a tube we are currently paying for the privilege.

Ingredients on the front is fun, but the three promises - vegan, recycle tube and recycle box are all the main event here.  So what have they tweaked that made this possible?

Everything you need, nothing you don't, and if humanity still exists in 2025 then our toothpaste will all be like this.  Hooray!

Pack looks good though, simple, can separate it down for recycling easy enough - and importantly wash it out.  Shouldn't need to squish it against the wall to get the last out.

And the goo itself is a little grainier, a little odder in colour, but still decent minty toothpaste.  Still cleans without all of the artificial things that must be in the regular version - couldn't see what made the normal version non-vegan, maybe like tobacco they tested it on animals.

I planned to pick up some of the bamboo toothbrush heads for my electric toothbrush but H&B didn't have any in stock in the small store.

Overall I'm not sure I'm quite rich enough to take the plunge and only use this in future.  Will see how easily the recycling goes and if the prices get closer than the current five times.

Overall a good product, and a glimpse of our sustainable future.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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