1 December 2020

Turkish Delight Hot Chocolate (Whittard) By @Cinabar

Turkish Delight Hot Chocolate (Whittard)

I succumbed to the Black Friday online shopping event and spent some of the evening buying bits and bobs of random things off the internet. Things I didn’t know I needed. I didn’t spend that much but I’m still awaiting a few parcels, oops, one of the first to turn up was the box from Whittard with some hot chocolates in it, they had 20% discount not the biggest discount but apparently enough to tempt me.

Turkish Delight is an acquired taste but it is one I love, I was particularly happy with there being a new lemon variety in the Fry’s bars this year too. Traditionally Turkish Delight is rose and this hot chocolate is inspired by that. The drink is made with hot milk as all the best hot chocolates are and I make it in the microwave. The Turkish Delight Hot Chocolate powder dissolved easily and made a very smooth drink.

I loved the flavour, the cocoa was stronger than expected, it was supposed to represent a milk chocolate but could have easily been mistaken for dark. The rose flavour was well balanced, it wasn’t overly sweet but the floral tones worked well with the chocolate. This was something a bit different and still made a soothing chocolate and rose flavour drink. I’m happy with my new tub of hot chocolate, worth it even without the discount.

Turkish Delight Hot Chocolate (Whittard)

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