19 December 2020

Greene King Ice Breaker Pale Ale (Waitrose) By @SpectreUK

Greene King Ice Breaker Pale Ale

I'm rather excited about this pale ale. This Ice Breaker Pale Ale was create by Greene King Brewery's Apprentice Brewers. I'm expecting something quite innovative from the "new industry talent" and also from the tuition of the World's youngest Master Brewer. The label states that the Apprentices were given the "freedom to break the boundaries of brewing" to create this unfiltered fruity hoppy pale ale. So breaking the boundaries with Ice Breaker - nice!

On opening the 330ml bottle of this 4.5% volume pale ale there was a definite fruitiness coupled with a floral herbal hoppy bitterness, and a hint of sweet pale malt at the back of the aroma. On taste this deep golden coloured Ice Breaker starts with a smooth almost creamy quality, I presume this creaminess resembles the "Ice". This is quickly followed by a sharp bitter herbal hoppy flavour which I presume is the "Breaker". That sharp herbal bite merges with fruity flavours and then mixes perfectly well with the sweet pale and possibly crystal malts which travel into the aftertaste.

Ice Breaker is indeed a well thought out and innovative craft pale ale. It's a credit to Greene King Brewery, and the Master Brewer and not forgetting the Apprentices. They should be very proud of what they have created here. I feel the Apprentices will be the Master's very soon indeed!

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