22 December 2020

Pigs In Blankets Mayonnaise (Sainsbury's) By @Cinabar

Pigs In Blankets Mayonnaise

I had a little look back at the items we have tried before flavoured with Pigs In Blankets, it almost all completely crisps. It works as a flavour for crisps too, meaty bacon, a hint of sausage and a few herbs this all works with crunchy crisps. This year Sainsbury’s have decided to go to the next level, I give you Pigs In Blankets Mayonnaise. What can I say, I didn’t know I needed it until I saw it!

As it happened we were having chicken, salad and sliced potatoes for tea so deiced to try this out on the side. I sort of realised as I was dipping my sliced potatoes in the Pigs In Blankets Mayonnaise I had accidentally recreated the crisps idea, but again it did work. I have tried ‘Baconnaise’ before and enjoyed it, I have to admit I thought this might be the same. I was pleased that although similar there was a softer flavour, less salty but still nice and meaty Tate that worked well as mayo. The twist of herbs was good too, and especially nice for potatoes and I’m looking forward to trying it with chips. I’d buy this again as it was a good flavour, I’m aware I many have to wait a year to find another tub!

Tomorrow though Spectre is reviewing another product flavoured with Pigs In Blankets, one that doesn’t so easily translate to the flavour.

Pigs In Blankets Mayonnaise

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