17 December 2020

(Home) Cinema Snacks - Tesco & Cofresh Shells, Grills & Chips (@NLi10)

Lockdown is fast turning into my childhood - going out is not an option, so we stay in with bad 80s movies and cheap snacks.  The difference is that the movies appear on demand from the Disney Plus service instead of the Video Rental shop!

The snacks are fairly similar, cheap brands from local shops - imitations of the real thing?

Well - for these they are both pretty great.  We already know that Cofresh make the best easily available spicy crisps round here - and that these lemon chili shell grills are amazing.  The discount versions of KP skips always seem to have a sharper flavour and while they aren't quite as melty this has never really proved to be too much of a problem for me.

Tapioca and Potato based goodness - and both very much veggie.

Look how presentable they are - all ready for the Strictly Grand Final on Saturday (I'll be watching Eurovision on YouTube Live - but I suspect most people won't be)

And while these were picked up especially we already had this scrunched up bag of chips - but not like the Americans - oh no!

Look how stick like these are

These always felt like the smart crisp to get - maximum filling bulk for your money - and as such still have a sweet spot (savoury spot) in my heart.

Hopefully I won't finish them all by the weekend.  I'm making no promises!

1 comment:

Mike said...

I love a bit of dark soy sauce tossed in with those ready salted potato sticks. Weird but tasty