6 December 2020

Tesco - Chocolate orange Pretzels (sweet & crunchy!) by @NLi10

 It is generic festive period again!  Here at FoodStuffFinds towers it's a great time as the shops are frequently full off odd things that I can try.  Here are three now!

Today we will just have a look at the one - the Chocolate Orange Pretzels from Tesco (as were all of these if you are stocking your table).

Ordinarily these would be for guests - but you can't have those at the moment so we are eating them while watching festive movies (technically Kingdom Of Heaven counts right?)

Look at this - 200g of salt and chocolate!

They are officially described as ' Chocolate Orange flavour wheat and potato Pretzel stars, trees & bells'

This is accurate - they are essentially dusty pretzels - but my goodness they are special.  Admittedly I'd add a tiny dash of cinnamon to the mix for true festive goodness, but I know some dislike that flavour so I'm happy to add a dash myself.

So - as they stand - very family friendly and perfect for nibbles.

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