5 December 2020

Pump Up The Jam - Doughnut Beer (@TinyRebelBrewco) By @SpectreUK

Pump Up The Jam Beer - Tiny Rebel

Pump Up The Jam! I loved that tune from Technotronic in the early 1990's. It's Friday night as I'm writing this and I'm just about to drink this Jam Doughnut flavoured pale ale from the Tiny Rebel Brewery. Of course it's probably nothing to do with that 90's song, asides someone possibly around my age came up with the name at the brewery. They were also possibly dancing on the dance floors in nightclubs around the same time I was trying to look cool, and pull women who were more inclined to run away from my Dad-Dancing technique, or my crazy bounce off the walls dance when something faster was put on by the DJ!

This 5% in volume Pump Up The Jam - Jam Doughnut flavoured Pale Ale sounds like some of the other crazier beers I've been fortunate enough to write about lately. I must say, no matter how odd and innovative they sound, I haven't found one I've disliked yet. I'm actually looking forward to opening this can. It even says on the back of the can; "Pump Up The Jam. Stop drooling just drink it." So I will…

Pump Up The Jam Beer - Tiny Rebel

There is a strong smell of jam on opening the can. And it's not just jam in that smell either. This pale ale actually smells mostly like a Jam Doughnut! There is a sugary fried dough aroma here also. This smell really did have me drooling. There is a little sweet pale malt at the back of the aroma too. This deep brown coloured pale ale has the initial sweet taste of jam doughnut mixed with sweet malts. There is a little bitterness from the herbal hops nosing their way through just behind the jam doughnut flavour.

Pump Up The Jam is a proper innovative pudding pale ale. It definitely got me pumped up for a Friday night of staying in for online gaming. At least people don't have to witness my bizarre dancing anymore. This jam doughnut flavoured pale ale made me smile whilst I drank it. It's like a liquid jam doughnut dessert with a shot of beer to wet your whiskers.

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