26 December 2020

Traditional Mead (Lyme Bay Winery @LBWdrinksltd) By @SpectreUK

Traditional Mead (Lyme Bay Winery)

I hope you've all had a lovely, merry, and safe Christmas so far. Amongst the booze, beers and Mead Wines I had in with my other presents, I found this rather fetching Flagon of Traditional Mead from the Lyme Bay Winery, in Devon. I've tried their mead wines before, and have written about their Rhubarb Mead Wine in the past, and I was rather pleased to unwrap a bottle with another bottle of Traditional Mead Wine with my presents.

It says on the back of the flagon that mead is thought to be one of the oldest alcoholic beverages dating back to Babylonian times. I do love any kind of booze made with honey. This 14.5% volume Traditional Mead won Great Taste Gold in 2013. I generally have mead wine around this time of year as it's spices and sweetness warms me up, and complements a good strong cheese meal. However, my new bottle of Rhubarb Mead Wine will be cracked open in early Spring 2021, as it's Spring and Summer fruity flavours are enough alone to bring on the sunshine.

On opening this flagon of Traditional Mead there was a good strong smell of spiced honey and a touch of alcohol behind it. This deep brown mead tasted of strong, rich and sweet honey and light spices. The spices certainly warmed me up after a walk outside this afternoon fighting against the brewing storm. This Traditional Mead tastes so good, I'm wishing the flagon was ten times bigger. I could quite happily drink it all night, but I reckon I'd be plastered after a couple of glasses. Have a lovely Boxing Day evening!

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