5 August 2020

Rhubarb Mead (Lyme Bay Winery @LBWdrinksltd) By @SpectreUK

Rhubarb Mead Lyme Bay Winery

The Lyme Bay Winery was recommended on a TV programme sometime ago. I can't remember which TV programme, as I'm starting to get on a bit… but the point is that they brew Mead Wine. Mead is one of my favourite drinks. I can never seem to find it anywhere. Mead Wine is usually very tasty too. It's so rare I find it anywhere that if I see it in a castle or museum shop, I have a habit of buying a few bottles. Now we know this winery's website sells it's own Mead Wines, I'm starting to find Mead Wines such as this one wrapped up in my Birthday and Christmas presents (with thanks to Cinabar's Mom). 

This Rhubarb Mead Wine seems like a summer treat. It may especially go well with my cheese and cold meats platter on a Sunday evening. It is described on the label as "a delicious mead with fresh, fruity and sweet flavours of rhubarb". I used to grow rhubarb in the garden at the last house we lived in. I didn't grow much, but we'd get a decent sized pudding out of it once a year, and I'd have a big glass of sugary rhubarb juice also.  

On the back of the label it recommends this Rhubarb Mead Wine should go down a treat with blue cheese, as well as fruity desserts. It's lucky we have some blue cheese in for our cheese platter meal. On opening the bottle there was a luscious smell of rhubarb and sweet honey. The flavour on tasting was just as delicious too. I can attest that this Rhubarb Mead definitely goes very well with blue cheese, as well as all the other cheeses I had on the plate. All in all I'm rather looking forward to my cheese meals over the next couple weeks until I polish off this Rhubarb Mead Wine. Of course, then I'll just have to open another bottle of port… 

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