4 August 2020

Fry’s Strawberry Cream (Cadbury Gifts) By @Cinabar

Fry’s Strawberry Cream

I picked up this bar on the quest for a completely different chocolate bar. An old work friend texted me to tell me about a new bar from Cadbury with Dairy Milk and Blueberries in it. We both ordered this bar from Amazon and we both got an email a few days later from Amazon telling us that the ordered would be delayed. After this the orders got cancelled. I went on a search to find the bars online (I search more online than in shops these days) none of the supermarkets listed them but thankfully I found them at Cadbury Gifts. As the postage was high I explored to see what else I could order, which is the long story as to how I have this pack of Fry’s Strawberry Cream bars in front of me, and a table full of other goodies.
I was very excited when the Fry’s Orange Cream finally made it back on to shelves in the UK but the Strawberry Limited Edition sounded perfect for the summer. The bar is a dark chocolate and the filling a white fondant. The centre is soft and has quite a full on strawberry flavour. It is sweet, rich and overly fruity, but in a good way. Effectively the bar is a giant strawberry cream chocolate, the darkness from the chocolate adds just the right amount of contrast. I am pleased I picked up a multipack as these are the perfect seasonal treat. I can’t wait to tuck into the other goodies too, the Blueberries review will follow shortly.

Fry’s Strawberry Cream


Matthew Brannigan said...

That looks fantastic, thanks for the review! I have fond memories as a child of Fry's Five Centres - if Cadbury/Mondelēz brought that back it would be wonderful.

Unknown said...

I wonder if they are working their way towards the five centres... With orange raspberry and strawberry now available?

cinabar said...

Gosh yes, I hope they bring back Fry's Five Centres. I suspect there are online petitions for that too!!! :-)