2 August 2020

Indie Bay Dark Choc Pretzels - Oven Baked Spelt Bites (@NLi10)

The Ocado man has been - which means lots of fun new things to criticise.  The first of which are these Indie Bay Dark Choc Pretzels - Oven Baked Spelt Bites.  I did't really read much about these - I just saw Dark, Pretzel and special offer and said yes.

Not only are they not pretzel shaped (this is a crime) but they are made with spelt instead!  This is one of the older grains that doesn't have some of the negative connotations that wheat has these days - but they added a little wheat too so don't go thinking these are gluten-free!

They are veggie/vegan friendly which is nice, and they don't really have that many calories in them - although all the really healthy things seem to aim for sub-100 calories per portion.

That's fine though - you are going to have to share these.

They actually look like the pack shots too which is nice.  They are big.  They are most definitely a slightly lighter pretzel and I'm really happy with them.  They have a good level of salt, the chocolate is very high quality and the crunchy bits are good too.  Good job I got two packs so I can see if they go with beer.  I finished the first one while writing this up.

While I'm not sure this is an instant re-buy there are certain to be other flavours and styles in the range and I could totally justify getting a couple of packs of white/milk to review.  Hopefully these will show up on the counters of a couple of my in-town shops so i can pick them up for wandering about snacks.

Just the right kind of luxury snack for me, and something I can see being very popular.

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