6 August 2020

Show Us Yer Knoppers! - Peanut & Hazelnut Snack Bars (@NLi10)

I know I've featured the Knoppers bar before.  Initially hilarious, then intriguingly moorish - then a staple of the snack pile.  They recently started basically making a Snickers with the same stuff(which I first got in Germany) - so naturally we are talking about that now too!
This one has peanuts though - which makes it much more like a really light Snickers.

It really isn't big enough to share - but we did anyway.  I enjoyed it - but it's a very different mix to the real thing.
I also got the version I tried in Germany again
The size is more apparent here.
And is basically a light, Nuttella Snickers.  Still enjoyable. Still a little snack not a big one.

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